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Today AbangAbu would like to remind us that we need to be a great business person. In order to be one you need to have to provide the best of the best. So if you need to be the best than must follow the MUSLIM way of doing business. This will help you to become the best .

So how to be a MUSLIM in business is by having these MUSLIM accronym.

Here we go……..

M= MAKE PROFIT as a secondary AIM.

The first goal of a business should not be cashing in on a market. It should be pleasing and establishing Halal as a way of life.

Seeking profit is not a bad aim, but it should be secondary.

By making the goal, and implementing rules of honesty, truthfulness, and good behavior with customers, any business is bound to boom.

U= ULTIMATE Cleanliness

This is especially important for grocery stores where the presence of animal blood is expected. Not being careful of this means not only lost customers, but also possible sicknesses from the germs in the blood.

While this may be a bitter pill to swallow, being ready to have your product or business scrutinized for cleanliness or the “Halalness” of products indicates a willingness to work with the consumer. This serves to build trust.

For those business people who may feel hesitant or downright angry with a consumer for even asking about the acceptability of a given product in their store, remember that this is the right of the consumer.
This cleanliness, by the way, does not just apply to those areas of a store a customer will see. It includes equipment and storage areas as well.

S=SET for higher goal

Don’t just aim for one successful business in your community. Think big. Improve the inventory of your store, the types of items in it, and strive to find ways to improve service and profit margins.

As well, look into the possibility of pooling resources within the community or with other shareholders to expand the business. Doing this will also reduce overhead costs and in the long run, the price of products for your consumers.

L= LEVERAGE with other business

Yes. This can be very difficult. Finger pointing, accusations and nasty rivalry often characterize businesses aiming to market the same products. But this is not the way economy should work.

Brotherhood cannot be forgotten. Consider forming an association of retailers or distributors that can sit down together share experience, and learn to cooperate. This cooperation could, in the long run, benefit the consumer, and in turn the businesses themselves.

Leverage is the word to expand your business. In today’s business world you have to leverage with everyone and every resources available.


Knowledge is an essential component . You have to improve your knowledge about business. be it in customer service, productivity, quality, marketing,accounting. You have to keep on improving to be the best of the best.

M = MUST be Halal

Make sure  you are the best of the best in everything. That is what halal all about. Be morally, ethically, physically, emotionally and anything that you do must be the best .

While there are more businesses sprouting up, not everything they sell is hala.

It is not difficult to find even Muslim owned businesses selling non-halal items.

This requires efforts on the part of business owners to wipe out the Haram and ensure the Halal in their businesses.

AbangAbu really feel that these tips will help you to become the best of the best. Apply MUSLIM in your business and you will become a better MUSLIM business person.

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