BizTip: N O W A S I A

Hi again, how are you all doing. GREAT rite…

I am doing my writing in English as many requested to me to write in english . And i thought it will be good for all and for entrepreneur it will be good to master english. So all now you know this segment i am writing in english ok.

The year 2007 coming towards the end and 2008 is already waiting to come by. And believe me it will be very fast years ahead and the time will never stop. It will just move ahead and never waits anyone.

From it i learn something that is so powerful to be applied by all of us who aspiring to be successful in any field we choose.

When you look at time, it had never stop even for a second. It has been running since the day this world is created. Many things happened but time remain focus on what it suppose to do. Just in Action by running .

NOW-ASIA—– No Other Way- Always Stay In Action

This is the mantra for the coming years if we want to get what ever we set as our goal. We can get our dream if we follow NOW-ASIA towards what we set.

Remain focus by doing what you have to do and follow through your plan at the same time make changes to your plan accordingly( not everytime)

I hope this tip will make you to take action and remain in action.

So never forget NOWASIA in your life.

Have a GREAT year ahead.


  1. Great!

    Everyone need to have a personal mantra in life.

    My financial mantra is to lead my clients, by example.

    If I recommend, my clients a financial product, I will ensure I also have the products that I recommend them too!

    That is my mantra… 🙂

  2. noorjahan

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