Biz Tip: P E A K

Hi everyone, How have been the year going so far. For AbangAbu its been very smooth and nice. And I am confident that even with the current economic condition we still can be at the peak of our business if we know how.

It is very important for entrepreneurs to be at their peak in order to overcome the current economic tsunami. AbangAbu want to discuss and share some thought that i believe will help entrepreneurs out there to stay at their peak.

so here we go….

P= Passion– This is the most important element that one must have during the low time. With passion all those hard time will never be seen as something big. Many successful business survive during hard time because of the passion that they have toward what they are doing. Passion drive people to move far ahead no matter what happens.

E= Experience– This is a critical component that every entrepreneur must get . During these period of economic uncertainties experience play vital role in making us stay at the peak. With experience that we get from this condition will make us more wise and help entrepreneurs make better decisions. AbangAbu also love all of entrepreneurs out there read past history of economic downturn so that they can be more aware of what can happen and what kind of preparation they should do. So get experience from current situation.

A- Attitude– Your attitude is the one will make you succeed or not in what you are doing. Positive attitude will be critical during this time. Maintain positive attitude no matter what happens. Be positive and more positive things will happen. Look at your attitude. it is important to stay in your peak.

K-Knowledge–  To be at our peak one must always obtain knowledge in what ever they are into. For entreprenuers knowledge in business like marketing, stratergies, accounting.Keep getting knowledge and use the knowledge in your business.

With those PEAK AbangAbu believe every entreprenuer can be at their peak even during recession time. So make sure you have the PEAK and improve on your PEAK to be at the peak.

Till meet again in my next tuesday tips…… All the best and may all entrepreneur be blessed in the year 2009.

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