Biz Tip : P R O D U C T I V E – WEEK 1/10

Have a productive years ahead in your life. Today AbangAbu saw and important massage from PM Lee in the front page The Straits Times – Tittle – Grow Productivity , not just GDP : PM Lee ( Prime Minister of Singapore)

That is a very strong message for the business community as well. That will be the direction that Singapore will go. So as business community AbangAbu believes that is an important part in business to excel in this economy.

So how we can be productive – For the next 10 weeks AbangAbu will post some tips that can be uses by all of us to become more productive. The word here is USE( PRACTICE) to gain from all these post . AbangAbu sure you will be more productive than before after applying all these tips.Use the tips daily for the week before the next tip meet you next week. AbangAbu am serious in this TIP as it is one of the most important fact in business.

So lets begin Today – start from P – PHRASES to REMEMBER

How many times that you have miss something or never take action or even disrupted form your focus because of certain phrases.

AbangAbu would like yo to remember these statements in order become more productive.Use these words when you need to use without hesitancy.

1. ” NO, but thanks for asking.” – dont get out of focus just because someone is close to you or a close friend.

2. ‘NOT NOW‘ –

3.’ LET ME GET BACK TO YOU” -after i check on a few things.

4. “ I AM BUSY RIGHT NOW’ – bt lets schedule a time to meet or talk again on the phone.

5. I WANT TO CLARIFY MY CONDITIONS , so that we are both in agreement.

6. LET ME VERIFY SOME DETAILS with you about the project.

7.I CANNOT AGREE TO THE WHOLE TASK , bt i can agree to take one part.

8. I AM NOT THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THIS, and here is suggestion of who might be.


10. YES, I CAN because i know exactly what it entails.

PRACTICE to use these phrases and than see what happens. BE very clear in your mind that your intent is to be more productive. I am sure just by reading those phrases you can feel how powerful that can be.

SO lets get PRODUCTIVE – What do yo think and say to get productive? Are you ?

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