Biz Tip : S A V E

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Hi been sometimes already that AbangAbu share some Tips . Acrronym of Business. And do visit all my accronyms as AbangAbu believe you will be learning alot from all this accornyms.

Today AbangAbu feel like sharing one more stratergies that every business should adopt . And this will help than to expand or even survive all kind of possible financial challenges during bad time. And todays sharing can be applied even to individual person on money as well.

So in todays economy a great way for a business to expand and survive is by SAVE. So How to save effectively even when many people struggle to save during bad time.

So here we go:

S- Spend Spend only want you need and spend less than what you earn. Many people overlook this and this can be the crucial of everything in term of saving.

A- Ask – Ask for discount. Ask for price reduction. Ask for better price. yes just ask and you will be suprise that infact people are ready to do that. AbangAu ever get discount from a fast food restaurant KFC. just by asking and get 20% discount . so no harm in asking as that can add your savings.

V- Verify – Do alwasy verify all yoor bills and find it all that listed is correctly charged. many time i came accross wrong calculations even at NTUC supermarkets. So be aware and always verify after all purchases is made. can save quite alot of sum if you notice.

E – evaluate – Always look back on the pattern of your spending. Check which side concume lots of your money and this will help you to plan the correct spending ways as you can get from my Compass Waorkbook  or using my special accounting sofware.Click here MAP accounting Software

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