BizTip: S T A R

Ever thought of being a STAR company where most people will know . MicroSoft, Coca Cola, IBM, Pepsi, MacDonald. These are some company that are very familiar not only for us but most of the people.

So what are the thing that we need to do in order to be a STAR in our industry, This will be applicable for individuals too.

So here you are…

S= Strategic Plan – You must explore what is needed, how have been the the result and what need to be done. What are the responsibilities of each members of the team.Must decide on what are the opportunities that will be activated.

T=Targets – you must have some target that been decided by all team members to achieve. It can be simple goals that leads to greater goals and objectives that you have set. This is very important on where are the business going and moving.

A= Activate all the plans that you had set . The result will only happen when you take actions. So activate all parts that you plan.Make sure everything is in order.

R= Reality Check- Please make sure that you are monitoring the progress. It should not only be shown in papers but visually you must see what the current status of the plan. Make necessary adjustment to it. Be Real and not just to look good.

With all this step i am very sure you are already on the way to build a STAR business.


  1. One of the methadologies that can be used to ensure that your business be a STAR company is to model other STAR companies.


    It is that simple. 🙂

    Example, George Quek, CEO of breadtalk, brings the concepts of designer bread to Singapore, when he see that designer bread is so…. popular in Taiwan.

    He model STAR companies in Taiwan and BreadTalk is now a well known STAR company in Singapore.

    In my profession as a financial associate, I see hundreds of people every day.

    Different people have different personalities when it comes to money.

    The rich behaves differently and the middle class behaves differently.

    I teach and share with all my clients on how the rich manage their money.

    I tell them that you can live life like the rich if you CHOOSE to behave like the rich.

    If you manage your money like the rich.

    Treat the rich as the STARS to be modelled upon.

    …and you will soon find yourself to be like the STARS that you have always wanted to be 🙂

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