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Hello, all my dear readers. I am overwhelmed with concern of people regarding my blog that been slow nowdays. AbangAbu will do best to update this regularly. The past weeks and also coming weeks will be very very busy weeks for AbangAbu. I am enjoying this journey.Now it is a test of my time management skill.

AbangAbu also felt that even with great time management it will be a great challenge. However there is another important thing that we should implement in our business. it is TEAM

With great teamwork we will be able to do more with less time. AbangAbu will share with you today on why you need a teamwork in business.

So lets do it . How to have great T E A M


Togetherness in any business ensures that the task at hand is executed with the help of a united effort. The significance of the togetherness effort is that the business organization that is concerned, functions like a single person, thereby enhancing the quality of the operations. There are, also, some other related factors, such as ensuring equality in profit sharing and division of work. It also helps the members/owners of the organization to maintain a very good system, that designates appropriate authority and responsibility. A united effort, also, reflects good team spirit.


equal and fair distribution of work within the organization. A fair work distribution ensures that every person or every working unit, executes any task at hand, with the best possible efficiency. The division of work, also, ensure that the work is done on time and deadlines are not extended.


advantage of teamwork in business is that a person will be able to help and contribute another persons work. Assuming one of the member have some urgent matter to attend , his work can be done the other group members.


Another very good advantage of teamwork in business is that a person is able to master in one specific field. That is, he can optimize the quality of the work that he does, and can also work with the maximum possible efficiency. This ensures a high quality output from all individuals and the whole team.

Build a team for your business as that might be the key for your business success.

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