Biz Tip : W I N

Great days to all readers of It has been great November and December looks very very promising and Abangabu is enjoying it.

December is a dream that come true for me as I been visualizing about such schedules few years ago. I want all my dates full with activities that will bring in wealth. ( money, happiness, fun, travels, time with family)

My December Schedule is full of activities that bring in cash flow. I am delighted and grateful for this to happen.

AbangAbu decided to W I N in this business when i turn my hobby at that time into real business. Many of my business friends that knows i am doing few other businesses told me that i will not win in this training business.

That is the time that i told my self that i want to W I N in this business that i just entered at that time.

It was a great challenge as many limitation that i have in order to excel in the training business. Lack of paper qualification, support , money and also dont have any direction on what to do is all i have to deal.

But i aim to WIN. And the same goes to everyone out there. You set your self to W I N.

So how to W I N. Just follow my tip W I N.

W = Work Hard

This is one of the key ingredients that you need to do. There is no replacement for this. You have to put in hard work in order to win. In all aspect of the business and life you have to put in hard work. If you really want to WIN that hardwork is all about winning.

I = Increase Knowledge

Knowledge is what you need while working hard so that you will be able to work smart. Winning in any thing in life requires knowledge. Keep getting new knowledge and update what you have. This is a requirement to WIN. Be it in any field that you are in. The more you seek knowledge the more you will understand that you dont know many things.

N = Never Give Up

This is the mantra for anyone that want to WIN . No matter what ever the challenges  you may face . How many time that you might fall! Those who WIN in their lives are people who Never Give Up.

AbangAbu very sure , with this three component stick in your mind you are on the road to win.

So lets start to W I N in our business and life by using the W I N tip.

PS: for those of you who are in Singapore will be a great platform for you to WIN. Get in it.

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