Hi all,

I am happy today to share something that can be the main factor in your entrepreneurial journeys success.

It is called BRAND.

What’s in a brand anyway? I looked it up on Wikipedia, here’s what the site has to say about branding: A brand is a symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to the product and serves to create associations and expectations around it. A brand often includes a logo, fonts, color schemes, symbols, and sound, which may be developed to represent implicit values, ideas, and even personality.

Whenever we talk about branding, we almost always think of logos and slogans. See the curved on your running shoes and apparel and you’ll recognize in an instant the famous Nike “Swoosh”. What comes to your mind next? “Just Do It”. But do you know that branding can also take place at a personal level?

With personal branding, you’ll rely less on logos, slogans and sounds; it’s more of your individual values, qualities, personality and vision. In today’s business world, it’s important for you as an entrepreneur to learn to promote and market your personal brand. To gain an advantage over the competition, you need to stand out in a crowd. Here are four simple personal branding tips on how you can become your own brand:

B—— Build up your credibility

In whichever field or industry you’re in, aim to be the best you can be and to offer the best you can give. Make use of every opportunity to learn and hone your skills. Become the expert whom people in your professional field go to for help and advice. Give a lecture, contribute advice and articles or  join your local community organization.

R—–Reason of your personal mission.
Reason of  your personal mission plan.Include your personal mission statement: what on earth are you here for? What do you hope to achieve in your lifetime? Specify your short-tem and long-term goals, and plan your timeline to achieve your goals. Include detailed strategies and action steps, and don’t forget to review your personal mission and  marketing plan quarterly.

A—- An elevator speech

An elevator speech is a short, succinct description of what you do, how you do it differently from the others, and the benefits you’re able to provide to your customers. Develop yours today and present it to prospective clients whenever opportunities arise.

N——-Network with your niche target.

Network at any opportunity with your target group of people that you want to be known as expert.Network with writing articles, blogging,  giving talks and any other ways that can keep you connected with your target audience.

D—–=Donate and  Contribute your time, talent, and money to charitable causes

Find a charitable cause which you are passionate about and is related to your particular field of expertise. Give it back to society for the help society has given to you. Donate your time by volunteering to do work for free for a local charity. Give your expertise and advice or even donate money to a charitable cause. By doing all these, you’re reinforcing your personal brand and establishing your credibility.

Your personal brand, if managed and developed properly, can become your greatest business asset. Decide today to build up your personal brand, and it’ll go a long way in your entrepreneurial career.

see you again soon.

6 thoughts on “BizTip: BRAND”

  1. BTW: Isn’t that 5 tips? 🙂

    Also… I prefer using 7 – 10 word Catchphrases, ones that others can & would repeat to others, than lengthy (hold your breath for 30 seconds) ‘elevator pitches’.

    A catchphrase isn’t a pithy, witty, pun-ny tagline with rhyme, double-entendres, alliteration, and other poetic devices… We sound like idiots when we repeat those.

    Catchphrases aren’t supposed to sound sexy or snazzy, they’re supposed to sound like how (your target market’s) people speak everyday.

    Great post,
    ~ Vikram

  2. How true it is on how an awareness of branding can make or break your business in the long run Abang. To build on to this superb list, here’s 4 factors of winning brands:

    Destiny: Winning brands know where they are going, and their consumers too know where they are going the second they see/hear the brand. Think Nike, Apple and you know immediately what they stand for.

    Experience: From time and management team.

    Strategy: Constant marketing and brand strategies are key in the organization.

    Culture: The brand has a culture that extends to its office, workers and consumers. Everyone’s on board the brand, coz everyone believes in the culture it represents. It’s cool to carry your brand around, to work for your brand, as it represents me, and I represent it.

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