Biz Tips: F I R E

Hye, Everyone … AbangAbu believe all of you in a great mood and also been following the america’s 44th president barrack husin obama. Now he is the president. History is made.

What i would love to share today is about being in the game of business in todays world , you need fire. Fire to fight thru any challenges that we might face .

You really need this FIRE to stand tall in what ever economic situation….

So are you guys ready for F I R E:

Here we go;

F: Fast;

In todays condition those who are fast in grabbing opportunities, making decision will go far and achieve success. One need to gain the expirience in making fast decision so that one can move one. Successful entrepreneurs make decision fast. So learn on how to make decision fast.

I: Innovative;

Nothing can beat this in todays business world. One have to be innovative in order to succeed in business today. think of how you can be more innovative in selling your services and products? Think how you can be more innovative in giving great customer service? And always think on how you can be innovative in every aspect of your business.

R: Resourcesful

Being resourcesful will help the business survive any situation, being resourceful meaning that in all aspect . Money, man power, products, technology, contacts. In orader to build our resources you must do a lot of networking, meeting people and always stay in touch with your customers. This will give you all the resources that you might need in time of emergencies. Build your resources.

E: Enterprising

This is the time for all entrepreneurs to be enterprising. You need to try venture out, you need to do more marketing, you need to try out new services and product in time of recession. Many enterprising entreprenuers make it happen during these times. So be enterprising to do new things. Try out new methods.

AbangAbu really love to share this tip as it been working for many entrepreneurs during recessions. So let begisn and have FIRE in us.

See you again soon

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