Biz Tips: G A M E

Brothers and Sisters,

Recently i had an interesting soccer match with another team. I been playing soccer since my schooldays and until now i am in competitive soccer game. This time i was replaced in the half time because of slight knock that i take during the game.

During this moment i got the idea to write about tuesdays tips.

Business , just like soccer is a GAME. Like soccer where we play to win , and in business is to be wealthy.

And in order to understand soccer you need to be in the game and learn what it takes to win the game.

The team work , focus, startegies, commitment , supporting and many other things that i saw in the game is so relevant to business. So this week i am going to share about winning in your business during this recession time. What you need to do in order succeed in business, just get into the GAME. So you need to be in the GAME in order to win.

Here we go….. G A M E

G= Game Plan

Have a game plan for the business. In Business you must have a game plan according to the resources that you have , the current situation that you are facing. Suit your game plan to the current climate. Successful businesses change their game plan according the current times. So look into your game plan that you have if you have one, or start one game plan now.

A= Activate

Once the game plan is set, activate it by taking the steps. This is the key . Never wait for the perfect plan as there is no such thing as perfect plan. Stick to your plan and change accordingly. Be consistent. Many people during this recession plan not to do anything or even stop to do what they planned for. Successful people will start to activate as this the best time to test the plans.

M= Motivate

Motivation is so important in soccer to win games. Especially when we are behind. And during this time of crisis motivation is a need in every entrepreneurs and business person. We need to motivate ourselves by reading, mixing with positive people, focusing on our goals. We have to also motivate our team and make them motivated to do what they suppose to do. Keep motivation as part in you. Be motivated. These help during bad times.

E= Execute

During recession is the most important time to stay focus. By saying that what i meant was to stay focus on execution of your result. Focus on the result. It will make you understand what need to be done. It will  show how far are we from our goals and target. Many times entrepreneurs tend to forget to focus on result during difficult time, however this is the time we need to focus on our result.

By following this GAME AbangAbu am confident even during recessions we can still grow and expand our business.So what are we waiting for……. Entrepreneurs come lets play the GAME.

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