Biz Tips : L E A R N

Hi all brothers and sisters,

How have you all been? GREAT i believe. Sign of receession is at its bottom can be seen now. This is the time many will start to feel the result of reccession. Smart investors and entrepreneurs will now start to look for opportunities. This is the right time to hunt for bargains.

If you want to know how to identify , Abangabu want to share this , Look what is happening when all our singapore leaders are having visits to many countries. Especially Malaysia, certain countries in middle east. eastern europe. So a simple tip , just follow them.

Recently AbangAbu started a coaching service for those who run businesses and new start ups. Some common challenges that they are facing is overcoming objections.

Because they cant handle objections they lose many prospects as well potential clients. So how to overcome objections. AbangAbu want to share a method that you can LEARN to master objection handling.

The method isĀ  L E A R N … learn this and you will be a master that will help improve your business.


Listen to them with concern on their objections.By listening carefully , you will identify thier real needs and how important things are to them.


Echo back what you heard to show that you understand and to get the other person to elaborate further to give you the full details of their objections.


Acknowledge the objection and check that they agree that this is their only reason for not buying.Set up a possible concession close so that if you can handle their objections you will get the sale.


Reverse the objections by turn around using ‘yes’ , ‘but’ or other methods to show how the truth is in fact the reverse of what was being objected.


New opportunities will always arise when there is an objection. Look out for that new opportunities from this person . It can be other product or service or even someone that he might know that will want what we have.

Simply using this LEARN method you will be able to learn to become a master in objection handling.

I believe this will give you a better chance is getting and closing a deal.

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