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AbangAbu in this week Tuesday’s Biz Tip would like to share on important element in making your business a success. This is the only element needed in overcome any business challenges.

During recent Global economic crisis many business have to “close shop”, and there are businesses that had pull through and manage to stay alive. And one of the main reason these businesses had survive is because the passion toward the business by it’s owners.

AbangAbu really agrees that in order to build a successful business is to have PASSION.

Applying PASSION in oneself and your business will help you to overcome any challenges.

PASSION stands for

P = “Purpose”

Your whole reason for being in business can be thought of as your purpose. Are you in business for the fame, fortune or helping people? Whatever it is your purpose is what keeps you getting up each morning even when all your effort seems to produce no results currently.Great businesses have great purpose.

Having a financial purpose , spiritual and social purpose will make GREAT Purpose in your business.

A = “Attitude”

Michael Gerber (the author of The E-Myth) has a saying: ‘The fish stinks from the head down’. Your own attitude to your business reflects on everything from the way you treat you staff (which dictates how they treat your business) through to how you treat your customers and suppliers. Remember: Positive attitude equals positive results.

Attitude determine your result in business. Mindset + Attitude = Result. Work on your mindset and your attitude will follows. Reading , sharing , learning from others will shape your mindset and attitude towards your business.

S = “Service”

Provide outstanding service and your existing customers will talk about you to their own business associates. Nothing is more powerful in marketing than third party endorsement. It has been always the service that been provided by a certain business will be the talk of the town.

Sometimes it beats the product itself, What i mean is even your product is same or average with others , customers will come to you again because of the service. If you want your customer come back to you and tell others about you and your business that provide THAT outstanding service.

S = “Sow”

Have you ever heard the term “you reap what you sow”? As the business owner you always need to keep learning and implementing what you have learned to your business. Never think for a second that you can rest on your current successes as failure always appears to the person who thinks that there business needs no more improvement.

Meeting new people, explore new markets, networking are all activities that can be useful in future. Have you come across situation like you get orders that you never thought long after meeting certain people.It happen to AbangAbu many times and that what keeps me sowing many seeds that AbangAbu believe will be beneficial later.

I = “Incentive”

Keep the incentives flowing to help fuel your passion. Your incentives could be financial but also the benefit you give to your staff and customers.Incentive can be also in the form of recognitions, points and lucky draws.

From your staffs , customers and suppliers will supports you and will be loyal to you if you can give them the incentives that they looking for.

O  = “Ownership”

The success and failure of your business is up to you. You have no one else to blame for any mistakes you made. Own-up to all mistakes you make and then move forward. Staff and customers always have great respect for business owners who take responsibility for their actions.

Some business owners go extra mile by taking responsibilities for any mistake that made by their staffs as well. Giving a certain level of responsibilities to your staff will make them take ownership in the business.

N = ‘”Never Give Up”

I cannot count how many books I have read on successful entrepreneurs who never gave up on their dreams and ultimately succeeded where others gave up. If you truly believe in what you are doing then your belief will help shape your future success.

As an entreprenuer AbangAbu believes that the word “GIVE UP” never exist in entrepreneurs dictionary.

AbangAbu truly believe by applying this PASSION in your business will make your business grow and keep growing in any condition.

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