BizTip: S P E E D

Hi , Salam all readers.

Today i would love to share something interesting for business in todays economy.

I been studying some of the successful personalities whom have achieve success in whatever things or venture they do.

Speed become an essence in business today. We have to act fast. We have to do things fast. We need to design our business to create result faster. If we cant someone else will do it. So think about it.

To sum up the speed accronym:

S= Start to get committed to things that you already set as goal.Without commitment nothing will happen.

P= Passionate  by getting motivated . You can do thins by reading biography of people who have made it. Someone in your industry. Learn how they do it . Know the real process how they can make it happen.

E= Ensure and know that we deserved to be successful . No matter what condition we are in we still can become successful.

E= Equip our self to play with big guys. In business to grow fast we have to begin to play with big guys. Go and network with all big players in your industry and start building relationship and get into doing deals with them.

D= Doing. Doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Take action every moment to get your goals.

All those are some of the pointer for us to speed up our goals and plans that we have set for ourselves. Lets work on to “GET GOALS” That we have set.

May this year will be a great year for all of us. It is already happening for me and i would love to see all of us moving forward.

2 thoughts on “BizTip: S P E E D”

  1. Definitely…. 🙂

    I strongly agree with Abang Abu’s proposition that “Take action every moment to get your goals.”

    My passion is financial planning. 🙂

    I eat,sleep,dream of financial planning every day.

    I prospect, arrange for appointments and work Monday to Sunday because I love to.

    I live my dreams, my passion as a financial associate with NTUC Income, to assist in the finances of my clients.

    My clients recognised my passion and they support me.

    You definitely have to take action every moment to get your goals! 🙂

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