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Yesterday we had a BMW Solution Circle . It was a great time sharing and discussing on all the technical and well business part.

If you have any issue about business , money , wealth issue than come for the next one?

One of the participants respond make me think of something  called SUCCEED.

So everyone start business to succeed in it………. However what to start and how to get idea and motivation to start business?

People start business because:

S= satisfying in accomplished something or done something that people like. So they start something

U= unmet wants and needs in the market. Sometime there are things that we are not satisfied . So people start business to met that wants and needs.

C= Control of own time and destiny. People start business because they can have own control over time and what they love to do.

C= Challenges that they face also can be a motivation why people start business. Facing some challenges forces them to start a business. I too started that way.

E= En cash their talent. Some have certain talents and by starting business gives them opportunity to make money with their talents like drawing, cooking and many more. All of us have this one and identify which of our talents that can produce more money than get started.

E= Enable others to become successful or wealthy. Some people start business because they want to help others become successful. Example starting enrichment classes like some of my friends whom started the business mainly to help others.

D= Desire. Many start business because of desire to grow big, become wealthy, desire becoming millionaires. Desire to live their dreams.

these are some of the motivation why people start business. For those of you dont know what to do or what to start please look into this acronym SUCCEED and you may find one business idea.

All the best and remember JUST DO IT!!!!!!

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155 thoughts on “BizTip: SUCCEED

  1. Yes!

    Internet business is actually just an exchange of values between 2 willing parties.

    1) The Buyer

    2) The Seller

    As long as the seller is able to provide DESIRED value to the buyer, the transaction will be extablished.

    The key factor about internet business is being different.

    After you identify your niche market, you have create your very own SCA, sustainable competetive advantage.

    (It is like USP but for long term.)

    This concept can also be applied to offline marketing.

    In my context as a financial associate, I will always tell my SCA to all my clients.

    ” I have hundreds of clients and I cant call of you every month, every quarter or every year.

    As my valued service for you, I will continue to post quality materials in my blog for your reading and I assure you that you will definitely benefit from it.”

    That is my SCA for now, since not many financial associates are using blogs as a way to market themselves, this is something unique.

    So, when you set up your own internet business, ask yourself.

    What is my SCA?

    How is my business different than the rest of my competitors out there?

    How can I add more value to my clients?

    …and best! How can I automate it? 🙂

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