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Hi again.

How have been the 2010 begins for you? AbangAbu had a very exciting start and also some sad news about my niece dead. She passed away because of kidney failure. May creator will bless her soul.

Today is tuesday again. Today AbangAbu have an interesting tip as usual. Many business dont really understand the use of upsell. And the companies that does understand make millions out of that technique.

Mc Donald use one of the upselling tip to earn millions. And the work Upsize is an invention.

So lets make our business generate more sales and make more profits by UPSELL. And AbangAbu will be sharing some of the upselling techniques with the word UPSELL.

So lets UPSELL.


U – UPSIZE upselling

This is one of the best way to add into your sale. For example if your customer does buy from you a product You could sell a basic product and tell people for a little more money they can receive the deluxe edition of the product. Think about it and how you can use this in your business.

P – PACKAGE upselling

When you’re selling a product you could offer similar products in a package deal. Tell the people the other products are cheaper with the package deal versus purchasing them separately. You can add other products for a lower price than they get it individually. Look at how you could bundle your product together.

S – SECOND PRODUCT upselling

Many of the business normally will stop after a customer buy something from them. It will be always easy and better to offer them a second product for a better price. As they already bought from you there will be a great chance for them to buy again a second product at an offer price.

E – EXTENSION upselling

Some of  your product comes with a warranty, you could ask people if they would like to extend the warranty one more year for only $30. This is another upselling technique. It can be use for coaching and consulting work as well.

L – LEVERAGE upselling

Leveraging with others. If you have only a certain product or services , you can always leverage on selling someone else product or services and earn commission , however only choose to sell or offer something that can benefit your clients. This might be products that can compliment your products.

L – LET TRIAL upselling

You could offer a free sample or trial of your product (your first sale would be free) and then tell people if they order the full version right now they will get a discount. This is also another way to get prospects and a way to grow your contact list.

In conclusion, you can use one or all these strategies to increase your profits at the point of sale. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination to come up with other upsell techniques.AbangAbu would also love to get your comments on this tips.


  1. Thanks Abang Abu for sharing this valuable info.

    Fath always practicing on Package & Leverage Upselling. Since we have a good relationship with clients, it help us a lot to continue selling.=)

  2. Hi Abang Abu, thanks for the article. Upselling is indeed a powerful tool that many businesses tend to overlook. One simple tweak in your product offering could unleash a valuable stream of add-on sales. Most of the time, if done correctly, the customer reaps more value and benefits too, from this strategy.

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