Biz Tips: W I S D O M

Recently AbangAbu sat down at think about entrepreneurs who been very successful, leaders who are great, and people who becomes legend. Why? Because i want to become one of those who left behind a legacy.

Those people never fear of any challenges that come to face them. They just move on and face everything till they get to the place they want to be.

Than i found out something. These people have WISDOM. They can see through tough times and achieve success in their life and made an impact on lives of others too. Positive impact i mean..

Currently the economy tsunami is hitting the whole world , and this is the moment people who had WISDOM will survive and become legends and legacy. And you entrepreneurs out there, you need to have WISDOM too. This week AbangAbu would love to¬† share about it . And let all of us have WISDOM ……..

So , this week WISDOM……

W- Will –

During this economic Tsunami ,Willingness to succeed. Williness to stay on , no matter whats happen in order to achieve the dream and vision. Willingness to put all effort . This is like a friend told me willingness to put blood, sweat, tears in the journey to achieve greatness. This is what all those legends have in common.

I- Implement

Implement new measures of cutting down cost of your business, Implement new startergy of geting new business , Draw up a new plan according to the current situation and resources available. The secret is staying relevent. DO implement. Many people have great plans and stratergy but failed to implement it. So Implement all the new measures that you have taken on.

S-Set target

Set target and internalize those target. Making it a must in making it happen.Target thats is challenging enough and at the same time something achiveable and realistic. It is always been great to use the SMART method when setting goals. Specific-Measurable-Atainanble-Realistic-Timeline.

D- Dedication

This element is very critical. Dedication towards the target that been set. Dedication toward the task that been asked to be perform. Dedication towards the responsibility that one has taken. Responsible to be dedicated.AbangAbu had many times failed to do this and keep on improving on it and than see results happening.

O- On the GO

No matter what people says, what is happening arounds us that is not our responsibility just dont let yourself stop from doing what you been doing correctly. The is no right way or wrong way but correct way, so choose the correct path and keep moving. Always ON the GO.

M- Maintain Positive Attitude

To do the above, you must maitain every moment maintain positive attitude. Mix with positive people, get on the habit of reading inspiring books that will make you stay positive .

AbangAbu believe with all these will make you to have the wisdom that one need to survive the current wave of economic tsunami. Get on the ship of the legends by having WISDOM

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