Biz Tips:M.A.P

Dear brothers and sisters,

The weekend was great for AbangAbu . As per normal had Bijak Belanja Program on saturday, this time at Al mukminin for elektif 2 . Around 80 people was ther and we had a great time learning and having fun as well.

Than sunday was at sengkang CC for another program Anti- recession Workshop.

Some pictures available pat my facebook.

From this 2 workshop what AbangAbu learnt was to have MAP in whatever we are doing. To become succesful businessman or to build successful business you must have a MAP to achieve it.

Today ABANGABU want to share again about a thing that is called MAP.

just like when u look for a place that you want to go you will have to look at a map. Similar in life you need to look at you own MAP .


This is a very important subject to think about. Many people just ignore the fact that this is the one most critical part in achieving your success. How to know what is your own mindset is all about. You will never know until u look deep inside you. It is the sub conscious mind that control whatever that you want. Do you know about it?


This is the connector in getting whatever you want in your life. Many have a wrong impression that just with positive mindset you will get anything without putting effort. How stupid will that be to think like that. Just by being positive in life will not make you successful but might bring you into deep trouble.  What will connect you to the dream or goals that you set is the action part. What did you do , how often you do it, how long you do it and how correctly you do things that you should do.       Question yourself all this power questions.


Well , many people fail to plan and even you are taking the right action or even having right mindset will not help if you dont plan it properly. PLAN is the key in sticking you towards your goal, PLAN makes u aware on the progress that you make and also will help you to understand on what to be done in order to get your goals.

Today , start to review your ownself. Check within you if you have a MAP to succeed in whatever you want. Be it Business or Financce.

Get yourself a MAP by get it a  MAP2BRICH ecoaching.

PS:MAP untuk KAYA workshop free on the 10th JUNE 2009 at 25 Peck Seah Street .730pm to 930pm


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