Hi dear readers, It been some time since i get to you in this segment of BizTips;

Today i would love to share with you the one most important things that make a business grow and prosper. The word today is /MARKETING

so what you should do in order to do in MARKETING to grow your business.

M= Make a great tag line that will be remembered by your customers and clients.

Examples like Nike= Just do It, Adidas= impossible is nothing

even i have my own ABU= Always believe in Urself where a friend who only remember as my tag line and not knowing my name. So try to create something that is simple and yet make people remember

A=Ask other businesses to include your brochures or namecard when they sent to their clients and prospect and you do the same when you send or give out brochures to your customers. This marketing is called buddy marketing.It will opens up totally new customers and prospect for your business.

R=Rotate your Marketing technique by doing different things and ways . Never only stick to one way alone as it will be boring for you. By doing many ways of marketing will keep the job more fun.This will also allows you to get the best marketing that work for your kind of business.Examples such as giving free samples, or first buyers discounts or competitions will bring loads of new customers.

K=Know your customers is a common thing that every marketing expert will talk about. It shows how important is for you to know your customer so that you will save a lot of time, energy and money too. By understanding who are your customer it will be easier for you do a target marketing. So look out what will your customer will want from you or ask your self who will need your products or service and than target them.

E= Engage your customer immediately after they have made purchases with a second offer. This is one way of up sell to your customers as well a way to introduce new products or services. The offer will make them to consider to try as they are getting at a offer price. Try this method as it is a very powerful way to get referral too.

T= Train your staff with a well written sales pitch . Train them to practice and evaluate the results. Test every sales pitch and get feedback from customers. A very good sales pitch should be seen as something natural. So make your sales pitch a short and sweet but enough to make your prospect to ask for more.

I= Internet.It is a must that internet is a part of your business. The business which never leverage the internet will be in the losing end. Create a website and tell the whole world what you can offer them. Create a blog and write what are you good at and be seen as an expert in your field( A great way to build a brand). Get your self into forums and promote your business with social networks. Never miss this out from your marketing.

N= Newsletter. A great way to keep your business in the eyes of customers as well prospects. It is another way to build your brand. With good quality writings and also useful tips to the readers will make your newsletter a great way to get new customers as they will trust what is written in the newsletter. You can start with an e-newsletter first.

G=Gift. surprise your customers by giving them gift unexpected ways. This will also create free publicity for your business as the word will spread in a very fast way. People always like to receive gifts and what will make them talk is the way they get it unexpectedly. Also you can send them birthday cards or New year or any other functions.

All those tips are a great way in making your MARKETING more effective and bring more growth and profit to your business.

Please do comment after you read on this topic or if you have other ideas too so others can learn from you as well.

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