Entrepreneur Today Cabaran 101010 – 18- Sister Duriati

It has been a wonderful journey to meet so many upcoming , experience and establish entrepreneurs in my life.

I have been learning so much from each one of them just by listening and reading about them. And today I am introducing another entrepreneur that been building a strong foundation. A person who been tirelessly learning from many people. in the verge of giving up going to seminars because of the hypes and no results but lost money until she made a last throw attending seminars by joining CABARAN.

AbangAbu wish her to get her dream soon.

I am sure you can learn so much from here through this interview…. Lets here from Kak Duriati from MUSTIKA NOR.

1) What kind of business do you have? What inspired you to become an Entrepreneur business owner?

Good Deals, for Good…. This is how I started the Therapy Centre business at Kembangan Plaza…. I am running home spa business and Mobile Post Natal and its been more that 15 years experience. Ever own shop and spa with my sister 1990’s . Which now numbers of new clients and young ladies who enjoyed professional massage with nice personal touch… Now its been a better time to be we own centre a very relaxing environment that contributes to the success of each session.

If a great idea comes to me, evaluate if it is realistic.  So it more confidence and Think of cost, manufacturing time, and popularity my services .I always myself be open to different ideas and I want do it in a real marketplace, So I start Smart and stay Smart . One beautiful day shop to  be rent ..a great location and opportunity…. The small space but exclusive.. Masyallah… I will never denied..

2)Did you need to have a certain mindset to achieve success?

Yes…. this is very important for our self to have positive mindset.  Eliminating Fear and anxiety are feelings and emotions that you can overcome and need to control in order to be successful and enjoy life.

I shouldn’t be living with constant fear and anxiety. I don’t let anybody laugh at my vision. Believe in myself and my ability I’m don’t give up –  find a new way to achieve my goals. If I want to make more money – start thinking about what else I can do to make more money.

3)Have you noticed certain advantages to being an entrepreneur business owner?

The purpose and idea behind have my own company was, I want to create a laboratory in which to develop practices, concepts and approaches for new ways of learning and organizing that help individuals, groups and organizations become the best I can be. Learning is my passion and been to seminar and understanding entrepreneurs… Being a registered Company giving you more informative and great opportunity.

Central to own idea was that learning is at the heart of work: It’s live in a knowledge economy in which value is created through the development and application of knowledge – through the talent of people. This kind of value creation is essentially a learning process in itself: and I cannot be productive today without learning. So: work becomes a primary source of learning and work and learning become inseparable.

4)  Did you have a mentor to help you get started?

No  mentor.  Being close to role of the mentor successful Abang Abu and Mr Amir from Malay Chamber who is my primary role to provide guidance and support and different points view to me,  and Amir understand my skills and years experience in therapy business, he created a very simple road map last November 2010 and I am making use of it at my home base. But of course my hubby M Nasir and M Hafiz partners who we discuss of management of being a small business .

5)  Approximately how much money did you invest before your business became profitable?

Approximately almost 2k, which much economy guidance from Abang Abu e mailing me (which I followed him since 2007 www.map2brich.com) systematic and principle of personal ethic and start your own businesses. Simpan Challenge was motivated me after interviewed TV program in the Akhir Kata year 2009…

6)What ways have you found to be most effective in marketing your product or service to get sales?

Located in Kembangan Plaza on Jalan Masjid, which I same unit Popularity of First Muslimah Salon Khairunnisa Hair Beauty & Spa specialises in hair, beauty and body treatment services. More than 15 years business and have great services and hospitality.

Mustika NUR creating an internal markets for ideas, talent and resources for a new client  referral and switch one to another.  Its  COMBO services with it is a added value pack services. Client appreciated it.

7)What tips can you give others who want to embrace their dream but, don’t have the confidence or feel they don’t have what it takes to succeed?

  • . It’s all about confidence.
  • Those who have it – succeed.
    Those who don’t… struggle, hope, pray, wish for things
    to get better… but without confidence, without a belief
    in yourself… things rarely get better and probably get worse.
  • A lack of confidence leads to lower wages, fewer (if any) promotions,
    poor relationships, a growing sense of doom and worry…
  • You want to be more confident, but you keep seeing the worst…
    You keep thinking about why you can’t succeed…
  • Now there’s a simple way to turn things around and boost your
    confidence dramatically… so that you being enjoying life again,
    succeeding, and believing in yourself.
  • You can be and do anything you want.
  • And you can increase your confidence and self-esteem.
  • All you have to do is change the way you see things, and
    change the thought patterns that lead to lower confidence.
  • Once you do that – the rest is easy

8)What’s next for you?

I like to have my own Academy Mustika Nur Beauty and Health

9) Few words of AbangAbu and Cabaran101010

Words of AA

All above tips …embrace my dreams… all above…. Just do it Kak…  okie…. Great !….

Cabaran is actually, we all live the present moment utilize the power of this very present moment, instead,  you’re wasting your power and energy by focusing on the pass or worrying about the future.

10) One fav hadis , quote or book that impacted you?

“Kami (Allah) Tidak Akan Merubah Nasib Sesuatu Kaum Itu Melainkan Kaum Itu Sendiri Berusaha Untuk Berubah..” – Holy Quran.
“If You Want To Be Success @ If You Want To Get Rich, Change Your Attitude Not Your Environment”

Mustika Nur …18 Jalan Masjid
#01-04 Kembangan Plaza S418944

Beaura Mustika Nu r – live your LIFE (Be the first LIKE)


Go Natural Challenge
People go to a spa or any place where massage
is offered so they can have time to relax and flush out the stress and
toxins that ail their bodies. As a receiver of the massage, she focuses
on the massage being given and enjoy it to its fullest
Beaura Mustika Nur – live your LIFE
Beaura Mustika Nur – live your LIFE
Many people may think spending an hour or two at the spa having a massage is a luxury, but to some, it really is a necessity. A massage not only relaxes you and relieves stress, but it increases circulation. … When you’re ready, please call me at  91517018   Duriati email: 1mustikanur@gmail.com


Shom massage for been customer for  5 years is A~M~A~Z~I~N~G!  The best trigger point massage I’ve ever had. I am fresh and Facial treatment I looking radiant and Berseri….

Jamilah..Had my first massage at Mustika Nur Massage recommend by my friend and will come back !  fabulous …. I lost weigth from 81.9 to 78.5 kg… everyone should check them out!

Mustika Nur …18 Jalan Masjid
#01-04 Kembangan Plaza S418944

A registered company with ACRA.
A member of Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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