How to get Wealthy?

Hi all,

How to get wealthy? Hehehehe. Well the answer that i got for this question when i run my workshops are various.

Do business, marry someone rich, loterry, and many more.

Today i want to share some simple thing that you can do immediately. Keep reading…..

As your career develops, you will face problems and opportunities you haven’t met before. In such cases it will be great if you can get advice from those who have been there before. Dont get a consultant for getting advice but look for a mentor. But how?

Heres how you can do it……

Take a look around your industry. Find successful businesspeople who retired two to five years ago. Why 2 or 5 years because if more than that they might lost touch.

Make a list of 4 to 5 such individuals and than write a nice letter telling them you’ve heard how good they are and asking for their advice.

Dont offer to compensate them. Simply ask for short interview. Take them for a lunch and ask questions. If your personalities click than you will have a permanent mentor.

Remember that in most cases the compensation that this people looking for is psychology and not financial . Continue to tell them how helpful they had been. Make small but meaningful gestures of gratitude.

Dont abuse the relationship.

So my friends, what you waiting for. to get wealthy faster you have to get as many great mentors around you and than you will realise that it is so easy to get wealthy.

pSSSSST.. this secret don’t tell others hehehehe.


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