Ideas : Key To Wealth

Hi, Its been busy for few days of traveling, meetings and plannings. A more complete AbangAbu is emerging everyday. Learning new things and implementing new systems in my business and life. Something useful for the community is in the making …… MENTOR NIAGA CD—AbangAbu , Ust TM Fouzy , Sujimy

Being productive will be key this new economy.

Yesterday was a Great day as my great friends and contacts are talking about my in their blogs and when meet in person. And AbangAbu notice one common thing that they told about me is ” AbangAbu have lots n lots of ideas that workable , simple and great “. heheheheheh , it’s gift from GOD.

Irfan Khari ( Internet Millionaire) , A close friend that i always look up as he is a man will do it. How small the work or how large the work he will make it happen. I love this attitude in him.

Master Arshad ( Ebook wizard) ,A person that when i met first time, my heart told me to do all to help this gifted man. He is in the mood of all the way up. no looking back.

Sujimy Muhammad ( Media Entreprenuer) . Who doesnt know him in Singapore media industry. A great man with cool ideas for Media Branding.

All spoke about me and ideas yesterday. AbangAbu want to share of how to create ideas or where to get ideas. I am only want to stress in one thing. it is focus, focus, focus.

When you get focus in what you are doing. The ideas will naturally come to you. This is the only secret( infact its not secret heheheh)

When your mind, soul and heart are into the things that you are doing , believe me that ideas will start to flow. Many doesnt get ideas because they are not focus in what they doing and they are not interested in what they are doing.

So if you want ideas come slooding into your mind , than get focus in things that you do…. And share with Abangabu if does work.

Have great ideas not enough , take action in making it happen is the key………. When you are focus ideas will pops up anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Abangabu would like to see you in my 2 hours MAP Solution Circle that are happening on the 9 and 10 Febuary 2010. Check it out and register …. see what Aidil would have to say about MAP Solution Circle

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