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(Nurhafihz (BBA, Marketing) is the guest writer for for Marketing Mondays)

Salaam all, and a happy Chinese New Year of the Ox to all celebrating too!

I’m sorry last week I was missing in action for Marketing Mondays. Truth is I was involved in a few conferences on driving our community forward further. These tough times call for exciting solutions, and I am optimistic.

Today I’d like to share with you a new project I have with readers. I am designing a new book on marketing especially for Malays. Yes, untuk awak, anda dan anta/anti. Macam “101 Soalan Marketing” kind of thing. I will try to answer, based on my marketing degree from University and my current post now in the marketing line, all you need to know as simple as I can. Tapi…

I need to know what you need to know. So here is what I need you to do:

  1. Post your questions on marketing here under comments. It can be as little as one question to as many as ten. You can also email me at
  2. You can remain anonymous or put your name. If you put your name, it will be in the new book.
  3. Before posting, check if the question has been asked. You can ask anything at all, anything on marketing. Anything under the sun. The shorter and clearer, the better.
I will be packaging the book at my website first (or update) before uploading it here, for FREE. So if you’d like to stay in the loop, subsribe to my newsletter by clicking here:

This is my way of saying thank you for your support in uplifting our community together through entrepreneurship, business or even the housewife teaaching her son to read. Each and every one of you matter, no matter who you are. We need you to lead us too.


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