Keep Doing.

Great day AbangAbu nak ucapkan to all of you.

It has been exciting Hijrah as it started with meeting one of a man that i respect and admire TUN MAHATHIR in the Islamic Financial Conference.

Since than , I am engaged in many things and i am loving every moment of that.

As usual , on the night of Hijrah i were in Penang for the cuti santai program. While on the trip back to singapore with Air Asia, i were reflecting on all the things happen all these years.

I were just looking back when the early time when i start to do training. I were struggle to make people understand on what i were doing. teaching kids about money. All schools never get the point that i told them at those time.

That was the years that school never understand the important of all the life skills for the students. but now all change, many school have made it important to students learn this life skills.

than i grew with getting many invitations to do in many schools the programs and workshops. Which leads to making good money and in the process getting more and more recognitions.

One thing that were inmy mind during all those days and also these days is just keep doing what i want to do.

I were doing it with all my heart and without expecting anything. These is what i believe the most important ingredient to be successful in one life.

So , lets do what we suppose to do without expecting any kind of returns, because the returns will come naturally . so you dont have to worry about any returns.

AbangAbu wish all you a great new year and may all of us be bless with good and great thing in our lives.

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