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Today AbangAbu felt that want to share an article that read , why? because i agree with what the author of this article wrote, In order to make more money in your business the no 1 tip is customer service. Just reflect back on your own experiences , you will know what is a great customer service means.

So here what i read….
The first question any business must understand is WHAT
business they are actually in.

Most people think McDonald’s is in the restaurant or
hamburger business, but many analysts have observed that
they are actually in a variety of businesses. They are in
real estate development. They are in the entertainment
business. But most of all, they are in the customer service

Every business is first, last, and always in the business of
providing superior service to its customers.

It costs a fortune to attract a new customer. The time,
money, energy, anxiety and effort to get a new first-time
customer in the door is a huge expense. No business has the
resources to attract and serve only new customers. The key
is in keeping and serving the customers you already have and
profiting from their repeat business over time.

No matter what business you think you are in, your first
business is in serving and partnering with your customers.
It’s called customer retention. Sometimes it’s called “up-
selling.” It goes by many names, but the principle is the
same: Nurture and keep your customers!

Customer service is about reliability and relationship. It’s
about trust. It’s about the quality of your product, but
even more, it’s about the quality of your service before,
during and long after the sale.

Most business people are experts at creating and delivering
their primary product. That’s what they went into business
to do, and they love it! But a customer retention coach can
be one of your best investments. If coaching would help
build your business while reducing costs, contact me. Let’s
get started

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