National Day Rally Speech: Bijak Belanja

Salam Semua, AbangAbu believe that most of us listen to the National Day Rally Speech by PM Lee.

And Again this year PM stress the important of economic standing of the Malays . It was hearting to be mentioned by PM the Bijak Belanja that AbangAbu personally involved in bringing the Financial Education to nearly 10000 people now.

And As what we know and the PM himself told that Malays need to be very prudent in spending and also save during this Ramadan period. And just right to make SIMPAN Challenge a campaign that will address those issue and make our malay community to be more financially vigilience .

As to make it work AbangAbu choose not to just keep quite but take action by having this SIMPAN Challenge up and running. The Idea now been supported by Berita Harian Kelab Ekoniaga, And AbangAbu sure Mendaki and Muis will come in and support this community event.

Register Now for SIMPAN Challenge…….. $1k in 4 weeks( Target)

Some Videos fromĀ  Supporters

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