Positive Thinking!

Many times now i been meeting people with positive thinking who are not really successful in anyway in their life.So i  am getting confused  because of this.

I am a promoter of positive thinking  however after keep  noticing people who are positive in their thinking but  not  getting anywhere in their life make me to  question myself whether positive thinking is enough to be successful ?

The idea of the idea is easy to understand:If success depends merely on the way you think, it is both easily and instantly possible. Let say  if  i want to be  the great footballer than what i need to do is put the ideas in my head.Be positive about it than …. it happens. It is like that what i wish than i become.

W hen i do survey my successful friends i know, they line up equally on both sides of the optimism/pessimism line.

Several of my friends are extremely optimistic but financial failures. I do however know some very successful optimism, as well as plenty of rich and powerful. I know few failures as well.

The bottom line : I cant say there is a correlation between how you feel and whether you are successful.

So what does separate the loser from the winners if its not their attitude? The answer is easy to answer. The difference lies in what they DO.

Successful people do the things success requires:

* they dream about being successful

* they set goals

* they get to work early

* they do important rather than busy work

* they network

* they have bias for action

What do failures do? Thats simple too:

* they dream about goofing off.

* they try to do as little work as possible.

* they shirk responsibility

* they watch a lot of television

* they blame their failings on others.

The secret to success is action, not attitude. It doesn’t matter what your attitude is. What  matters is what you do with your time. If you do the right things- the very things i am urging you to do – you will be successful regardless of your emotional condition or mental attitude. If you do wrong things, no amount of positive thinking will save you.

If you want to succeed in life, don’t spend any time looking at yourself in the mirror and shouting. Dont bother singging happy songs or walking on coals.Dont even spend much time reading about positive thinking, instead start doing something positive.

Bagi you all semua, again i nak katakan dari pengalaman AbangAbu sendiri dimana perbuatan atau ACTION lah menyebabkan semua yang AbangAbu inginkan semua terjadi.

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