SIMPAN Challenge Tip Discusion and Updates


It’s been a great week for abangabu as SIMPAN Challenge Campaign were successfully launch in Singapore.

Thank you for all been supporting this and also the team that involved ,

TEAM EKONIAGA, Sister Fadilah Majid, Sister Attiyah, Sister Haiza , Brother Rosebi and Brother Nadzri.

TEAM NOWASIA – Samson Zee, Wife Zahira Banu , Ahshik , Fadzuli ,

Sponsor and supporters  , Xango , City Homes, Mr Jameel ( AIA) , Mendaki ( puan Zuraidah) , Cik Juliana , Brother Halim, Mendaki Sense , MKAC РBrother Ameerali , Ain brother Yusof, AMP , and many more yang mungking abangabu lupa , jangan marah , pahala tetap dapat.

SIMPAN Challenge Singapore РBrother Sujimy, Ustaz Rahman , Brother Mutalib ( logo &  poster designer)

The news of SIMPAN Challenge spread up to Malays in Australia and Malaysia. And we will see SIMPAN Challenge in these countries soon.

SIMPAN Challenge MALAYSIA will be launch in Mid October with the taste of Malaysian Environment on it tips. After request from Malaysians for similar campaign there.Will update soon.

Thank you Again,

May all of us Blessed in this month or Ramadhan and all years coming . Ameeeeen.

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