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Salam brothers and sisters,

Happy MAY DAY wishes for all of you. AbangAbu really take complete rest on the 1st of MAY. Been a very hectic week with so many appoinments as well meetings and workshop. GREAT stuff and i enjoyed till hehehehe doctor ask me to take some rest. So i had my rest for few days and let my self relax with my family.

Thank you very much for all of you who send emails and sms as well facebook msg to me when you all heard that i am having fewer. I am so touched , and once i read all those messages i get back my energy hehehehehe. Thank you again and i value those messages. And one bro ask me to take cocunut drink to cool me . i did that as well thanks bro.

Many events happen, Of course PBB will be always be in my list of events as had few last week. starting from An nur Mosque, than we had one in ACE the PLace and ARAB association.

I had also a program in Ang mo kio primary school . Got invitation from on Malaysia Institutuion to do a key note speech in October. Will be travelling to KL this coming week for that as well for the upcoming Seminar Bisnes Berapi meeting with Dr Irfan . Meeting my secondary school friends whom i get back in touch thru facebook recently, ( very happy to meet and knowing some are really doing very well.) Azri TV3, Amran , Rozie, Azhar , Hisham Dr, the power of internet.

And YESCOM 2009 launching at Ngee Ann Polytechniq . AbangAbu jadi MC at the event where GOH was mayor Zainuddin Central Singapore District.There was about 34 schools participating in this years YESCOM competition. Dont get the time to ask him about my new proposal on management through soccer program for our malay youth. Must meet him to get idea and support as he is the new FAS president.

Saturday , 2 May , had the Cash Flow game session at darul aman mosque. Great turn out . more than the number we expected. And guess what we had youth development officer from muis to observe the game and AbangAbu will insya allah work with them to bring this education to more youths. Hope they saw how this game cab benefit more of our youth. Great financial education.

There is something that i would feel like writing is that recently i had a call from an organization which once stole my idea and produce something that belongs to be. This is an organization from another country. As the creator is great , the product they produce¬† not moving as what they thought and now they are really in need of doing something to push the sale. They called me again , ( hehehehe)¬† and act as if nothing has happen and wanted to meet me to see how they and AbangAbu can do something again …….

So i need some ideas here from all of you my brothers and sister. If those things happen to you… what will be your reaction or action that you will take. Please comment as i am really looking forward for your comments ……..


  1. Abdul Karim Bin Abdul Rahman

    Salam AbangAbu,

    I was one of the participants at Darul Aman on 2nd May.
    I was the ‘Nurse’ in that game.
    I had GREAT FUN and even dreamt of it.

    About the organisation that stole your idea. It is like for example — You created a product let’s say a camera. Out of nowhere, somebody stole your camera and wanted to sell it to others. The disadvantage is that, they do not know fully how this camera works because they were not the one who created it in the first place. So they need a MANUAL for the camera and they have to come back to you for the manual.

    The good thing about your idea is that, if somebody steals it they must fully understand the mechanism that makes your idea to work. Otherwise, it will just be a thought.

    My two-cents opinion about your situation is that you need to register your idea with the IPOS. That way nobody can steal your idea and you might gain passive income from any royalties that you might benefit if an organisation uses your idea.

    Having done that, it is your choice to assist that organisation or not but with a reasonable fee of course and a reminder to them that the idea is now registered to you and any profits whatsoever derived henceforth shall be divided as per agreed percentage.

    Wallahu Alam Bisawab.

    ~ A. Karim BAR

  2. Thank you bro, A. Karim.

    I value your comments… learn great inputs from ya…

    More bro and sisters… what your views on this issue.

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