Sunday News : Updates

hi , dear brothers and sisters,

Been few days since i last update my blog. Things been very very busy and great for AbangAbu.

Had many Program Bijak Belanja at AMP , Masjid An Nur, MAEC Admiralty, Talk at Ang Mo Kio primary school.

It has been wonderful sessions and i believe all sisters and brothers who atrtended had gain so much of powerful knopwledge about finance.

This coming week will be great as well insya allah.

The Weekly Cash Challenge for this week have no one win and the challenge will going to be in the 4 week without winner. This mean the cash prize will be $200 dollars.

I am also happy and grateful to annouce the sponsor for the Weekly Cash challenge for the month of MAY will be Makmur Restaurant.

This week 1st question will reamin the same . the second question will be related to Restaurant Makmur. so those who wanna win gi makan kat sana……. thats a hint for the next challenge

AbangAbu wish all of you all the best and yes get the cash….. check out all the pass winners . it is real cash.

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