Sunday Slings

Today AbangAbu will be heading for the WARNA 94.2 Wedding later at 12noon.

And soon at 2pm Will be heading for the Bijak Belanja at Sense Mendaki in Toa payoh. I am looking forward to another great workshop.
I have lost track of the numbers of people that i have conducted my sessions and program for the pass 5 years now.
It has been hundreds of thousands now. It is great to reflect and see how far AbangAbu had come in this industry. I started with a talk for a friend at his office to share my experiences of life.

Now thats has become the starting point of my journey as a financial and entrepreneurship motivational speaker, trainer , author and also a reliable coach. In short hehehe to be a STAR,

Remember where you start and always look back to feel the greatness and good things the universe and creator had given us.

Feel gratitude and yah move on with greater pace.

AbangAbu also invite all of us to look at and support by joining my

Till see you again soon

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