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Name of Shop:Belly Dance

  1. What kind of business do you have? What inspire you to become an entrepreneur?

We are selling bellydance equipments and clothings. But we focussed more on the costumes as they are very nice,bright colours. It is just for fun. I wanted to try out new things.It is very limited when come too this kind of trade.

  1. Did you need to have a certain mindset to achieve success?

Yes.Of course . You must have very positive mindset and must be always be willing to learn.

  1. Have you notice a certain advantages to being an entrepreneur?

No yet for the time being. As my business is new and need time to grow. However I find that it is your business , so you set your own time and also schedules. This is what I see as advatages now.

  1. Is it difficult to get financing for businesses? If so, why and are there any solutions?

Yes.As new start up , no one will give us money as our business is not the very common on. So we have to use our personal savings and also we took a loan from the bank.

  1. Did you have a mentor to help you get started?

Yes. She is my friend,who is an Indian Muslim. She taught me a lot about Belly dance stuffs so that when people asked me about this belly dance stuffs,i know how to answer them.At this moment she is still my mentor.

  1. Approximately how much money did you invest before your business became profitable?

$30000 – $40000 including the rental costs and the items in the store. Since we need to stock up our stall with many things so the cost is a bit more than other stalls.

  1. What resources were most helpful to you when you were starting your business?

    Books, and also friends . Of course I like what I am doing.

  1. What ways have you found to be most effective in marketing your product or service to get sales?

I wrote about my store in my own blogspot and use it as a tool to promote my shop. I would like to place an advertisement in the newspaper,if possible. Maybe looking for budget advertisments.


  1. What tips can you give others who want to embrace their dream but, don’t have the confidence or feel they don’t have what it takes to succeed?

Try to start off with a small business. Dont try stock up and sell too many things as a start. Then slowly when business start to take pace,will you start to expand and sell more items.

  1. How do you manage juggling the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur?

We have to be focus in the things that we do. So I have to cut out many entertainments and out goings . And I mostly will be with my business and this is important when we are just strating.

  1. What’s next for you?

We are already in the process of opening up a belly dance studio. So hope it will be launch soon.

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