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AbangAbu had an interesting event with a small group of youth’s from an organization. This youths are very talented and had many ideas.

This is part of social thing that AbangAbu involve in. AbangAbu will be guiding these group to come out with something that they will work on to become successful.


Tuesday AbangAbu had an radio interview with WARNA in the segmen bersama tamu undangan. This week AbangAbu and AB Shaik were discussing about the current economic condition and retrenchment and loss of job that are taking place. We discuss on how to take this and make preparation.

Some of the tips that AbangAbu share :

1. Accept the fact and mentally prepared that you might lose your job

2. Have to check your spending and be careful, Do spend less than you earn.

3. Take some new skills and training so that you will be an asset to the company that you are working.

4.Send new resume and job applications to new firms that might need your service.

5. Be prepared to take any job and dont be to choosy about the jobs .

6. Learn to start business from home at a part time basis.

These are some of the tips AbangAbu shared.


AbangAbu had and event and Masjid Sultan for another group of 28 families on money skills. It was a great workshop and these group had improved their living standard since the start of the program by ApKIM resources.


AbangAbu had a back to back Bijak Belanja at masjig Kassim. The first group consist of 70pax and second group around 40pax. The workshop was as great as always and guess what AbangAbu enjoy both session.

AbangAbu was so happy to get a complement from a pakcik age more than 60 years old who come to me and told me that this was the first presentation he enjoyed most in his life. Wow that really touched my heart and make AbangAbu to really do it more and more insya allah.

And jangan lupa nengok DANCE abangabu pat AbangAbu TV jugakkk ada suprise

Santai talk Bijak Belanja
great sporting participants who not only had FUN but also FUND

great sporting participants who not only had FUN but also FUND

Santai talk Bijak Belanja

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