SIMPAN Challenge NOVEMBER 2009- Join Sekarang

Hi all , how have all of you been. In Singapore and Malaysia we had feast of celebrations. From Ramdahan( fasting month for muslims) , Lantern Festival ( Buddish), Eid Mubarak ( hari Raya Muslims) and Diwali Celebration (hindus)

I take this opportunity to wish all my subcribers and readers of AbangAbu’s blog a happy festive month.

As i am planning to work on my next idea, I thought of how some of my ideas even it is simple yet had turn out to be money spinner, and also had benefited lots of people.

And this make some people whom we trust and who dont have values copying those ideas and claim that it is theirs, further more they been trying to be nice with us and doing such unethical thing. hehehehehe. Anyway Abangabu just wish all the best to them. One advice to all of you , NEVER EVER CHEAT PEOPLE WHO TRUSTED YOU…….

If that happens to you,  you should do is to be cool. Like Abangabu does, staying cool by having I.C.E.

To be successful in todays fast pace economy you need I.C.E questions.


Ask your self how can you be more innovative in what ever you been doing, So that you can show the differences to your customers and supporters. This is important question that you have to ask always so that you will make your customers into those “Raving Fans”.


How can you be more creative? Whether in the way you deliver you product or services, or they way that your customer experiences , they way you market and many more? Keep asking that question in every single thing that involved in your business process.


Do always ask your self , how effective it has been? Your product or services? The way you been marketing? The delivery system? Everything , Always evaluate and this will give you the upper hand against your competitors as well your back stabbers.

AbangAbu believes that todays TIPS will make you focus on the task and goals that you have rather than spending time thinking of your competitors and back stabers.You will BEAT THEM.

PS : A GREAT program have been designed to all SIMPAN CHALLENGE participants in DECEMBER 2009. So donta wait any longer join the SIMPAN CHALLENGE NOVEMBER 2009

Bengkel MAP untuk KAYA November BATCH INTAKE

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