Wednesday Wealth: 5 Get-Rich-Quick Scams To Avoid – Part ii


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Auto-Surf Ponzi: A Clickable Get Rich Quick Scheme
As mentioned earlier, the dangers of unrealistic get-rich-quick money increase when you have reliable Internet access.

The Internet is swarming with schemes and ideals just waiting to trap a person who is strapped for cash. In the case of an Auto-Surf Ponzi, the person is asked to make an initial investment and then earn income through an automatic click program. Your computer is set up to automatically surf the Web for designated sites. In turn, you receive money for page impressions. However, there are a couple of issues regarding this method.

First, the assigned list your computer is given is often not nearly long enough to bring you a financial return. To match some investments, your computer must auto-surf thousands of sites per day, but your list may only consist of around 300 links. This is how the get-rich-quick idea quickly turns into a lose-money-quick reality.

The other issue is found in pay-per-click programs such as Google Adsense. These programs are regulated strictly on websites, meaning that deliberate or automated clicks do not count for profit. If purposeful clicks are detected, Google is capable of banning you for life. On the up side, joining Adsense and following their rules CAN lead to a substantial profit, but again you must have the ability to coerce countless people to click the implemented ads, without being able to tell them they should be clicking.

To keep yourself Ponzi-free, refrain from getting involved with any get-rich-quick ideas that mandate you to install certain software on your computer gear.

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