Wednesday Wealth: Follow on with discipline

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Great Day All. Are you guys still TALKing?

Well thats what AbangAbu wrote yesterday in tuesday tips. Today wednesday wealth….hmmmmm lets see what comes to my mind okie. Yah maybe about today after the PBB workshop at TKC just now. I think its worth sharing on why some people make it happen and some just cant get it done.

When AbangAbu ask them how many of them been using what they learn 3 months ago. It was so sad, just 10% are really following . The rest are giving reason and saying things not improving and they are in the same situations.

Than , I try to find out why is that so. And what AbangAbu found out is something that very true. Those who seen result and seen improvement are those who been following on what they should do on a daily and regular basis. And why these people been following up on what they learned and the rest are not?

Interesting point i get. All those who been following on regular basis are those who had purchased my workbook kompas wang and the rest are those who never bring back anything from the last workshop.

Well, i realised this long before, when ever i come back from any seminar , i only tend to do or follow on those that i brought back some follow up materials.

And this is the reason AbangAbu believe in on going education , coaching and even action plan . All these must be on going and in consistent mode. And building your wealth will seriously need an on going coaching as well. So you should get  a coach that can guide you financially, howeve not everyone will be able to pay them as it will be costly. And what about those who are busy and cant find time to meet coaches frequently?

Well, with all this in my mind AbangAbu developed a very powerful way that will keep you being coached on regular basis for one year.It was designed to help anyone who want to improve their financial standings , those who have no time to attend classes and limited cash to start learning.

the answer will be MAP2BRICH e coaching. Get this now and start your journey in becoming rich and wealthy.

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