What Happen past week a summary

The whole past week was a great week with so many activity for AbangAbu….


Some of the things that happen was the launch of my email coaching – MAP 2 B Rich by my buddy, brother Fadzuli ( http://www.fadzuli.com). It was to a public launch as it was only for those who already downloaded my e book and the offer is still on till 30th November 2008. More announcement for public will be done in December. So those who want to be the among the first and exclusive subscriber dont wait!!!! and download my e book at http://www.abangabu.com so just put your name and email at the right hand bar and check your email.


I had an event at Masjid Ansar where i shared my stories in tabung bergoncang workshop for 2 groups . The 1st group age 50 to 80 . This was my second time doing a workshop for this age group. It was interesting as i really learn a lot from that group and we had fun. Many of them was so happy and shared with me they learn new things and it was so cool to learn that they are willing to learn from me. I m atouched.

Second group was the chronically ill with many kind of illness, rather than sharing the money tips i felt that they need motivations and gave them the booster for the to strive in their life and achieve BIG things.


On Tuesday i had an event The Global Entrepreneurship Week launching at Toa Payoh Hub . This is an important event for me as my son Ahshik launch his book 7 Steps to become a young entrepreneur. He is just 12 and i was really proud to saw that event. It is in AbangAbu TV . do check and view it. Those who interested to get a copy to email at info@nowasia.sg  or abangabu@nowasia.sg… We are planning to make it available in Popular bookshops around singapore. He will be coming out a malay version soon as to be marketed in Malaysia ( anyone interested do contact me for some discussion)


AbangAbu had a great chance to do the thing that AbangAbu love most , that is creating young entrepreneurs. AbangAbu was given a task to get 12 girls from 3 schools to be involved in a flea market bazaar at Tanglin Mall on saturday. We had great time and the girls shows the confidence and been able to really perform better than what AbangAbu expected… Cheers for the girls age 14 to 15.

very busy no tymeto pose

very busy no tymeto pose

what an expiriences

what an expirience to be involved

Next Year insya allah this program will be done in a bigger scale to give more people chance to be involve. This is an initiative by women for girls…… So guys what waiting for do something for boys and let me involve as well… anyone up to this.


I had also done a mini MAP untuk KAYA workshop at Fengsan CC Bedok . It was fun and cool as small group of around 25 pax turn in. The MAEC of The CC would love to conduct a series of MAP untuk KAYA  workshops in the near future. So bedokians MAP untuk KAYA coming to your area so grab the opportunity. I would love to thanks the CC for this. Infact ada banner been put up ….. AbangAbu rasa macam celebrity plak. hahahaha.


And The Program Bijak Belanja with Mendaki and Sense was held at yayasan Mendaki and today was overwhelming response sampai takde tempat duduk in the hall. I felt so sorry for those who had to sit on the mat and i really applaould all of you as it was the most sporting group. It was nearly 200 people and i am sure all of us had fun… And yah those who were there dah gi Joget joget joget….. U know what i mean… So kena joget orang kaya okie. remeber that is the most powerful lesson hahahahaha.

And today i had few people come to me and told me this was the best ever workshop the had ever attended… WOW sedap hati abangabu dengar hahhaha . Yang belum pegi program bijak belanja , next sunday 30th we having it at Masjid Kassin from 9.30am to 1pm so boleh lah register dengan Mendaki …..

This is what happened and of course some other things too yang maybe not really important hahahha. So tommorow Monday …… Just wait for the Marketing  Ideas …

AbangAbu dah start to blog everyday insya allah so visit abangabu.com everyday   salam

May all of us will have a GREAT week ahead…


  1. Edmund

    Hey abang!!

    After viewing your welcome video on ur web site, I was touched by how you managed to believe yourself and fought back in supporting your siblings, not mentioning yourself.

    I wish to keep in contact with you and enquire on some matters. Please email me so that we may keep in contact.

    Warmest Regards,

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