What you get when wake at 3am?

Three o’clock seems very extreme to get up for most of us!!! But at least Ramadhan gives us the chances to wake up as early as 3 or 4 in the morning for sahur.

I have been practicing this for sometimes now. Have you ever been involved in some projects thats makes you wake 3 in morning?

It amazing what you can do do when you are consumed by passion.Wake up early, work long hours, skip meals, focus with laser sharp intensity. And you can do it again again .

I think you are lucky if that kind of passion comes into your life once or twice. And if stays with you for years and drives you and than i believe you are blessed.

How you can get that kind of passion? Passion does not comes from people or things at all.Passion comes from you and only from you. And it goes wherever you want it to.

I enjoy wake up early and start working on my passion. If you want passion if your life, there is only one way to get it. CARE. Care about your career, care about your spouse , care about your family, care about your house, care about your country. The more you care the greater your passion. The greater your passion , the earlier you wake up to tend to what you care about.

Jadi apa yang AbangAbu ingin sampaikan disini adalah agar sedalam mana kasih kita terhadap sesuatu maka sedalm itulah passion kita. Kerana cinta pada agama kita lah yang menyebabkan kita sanggup bangun awal untuk bersahur maka jika kita mempunyai kasih kita pada sesuatu maka inilah yang akan membuat kita untuk melalukan perkara yang pada mulanya begitu sukar. seperti bangun awal untuk mulakan kerja kerja yang akan membawa kita mencapai matlamat kita.

AbangAbu doakan agar semua pembaca agar diberikan passion untuk mencapai impian mereka.


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