What’s Holding You ?Part 2

Lack of specific goals.

This is an important aspect that you should look into if things are not moving are you are not getting started. Many of us never move ahead because we dont really have specific goal.

We may have many things that we wanted but rarely we will get it done as we dont really know the specific goal so that we can focus our mind on it.

Do get to know yourself and than the real thing that you want in life. By doing this you will able to get specific things that you can start to do until you achieve that goal.

Jadi dapatkan satu matlamat utama yang akan membuatkan anda mulakan bagi mendapatkan matlamat tadi.


This is the BIG one. Inilah masalah paling dasyat yang menyebebkan kita tak pernah mulakan sesuatu.Laziness is No1 reason people dont succeed and procastination is No1 killer of wealth.

You can get yourself charge up by reading books and going to seminar, but having a high charge wont get you where you want to go. You have do do something and work hard in order to accomplish your big goals.

How to do it? Start by waking up early every morning and dont stop working until everything on your to do list for each day is done.

Jadi gunakan amalan di Ramadhan untuk memulakan sifat baru bangun awal dan habiskan semua to do list yang perlu dilaksanakan pada hari tersebut. Okie…

AbangAbu ucapkan selamat berpuasa untuk semua agar setiap amalan kita akan di berkati.


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