MAP 2 Success Talk

Hi just to let you know recently i had a sharing session with some of upcoming and aspiring young entrepreneurs. It is organized by . Thought of share with my readers . The link is

AbangAbu Fund

2 recipients have benefited from AbangAbu fund . One have use this to get start her small business during the CNY and another one had use to pay for her new course. More insya allah will come

March Events with AbangAbu

So …Do you wanna be a trainer? For those who are keen and want to take training as part time profession this will be a great workshop to be in. No matter what industry or things that you want to train this will give you the head start. After training an assignment will be given … [Read more…]


Salam All, Hari ni thought of just write some updates of what happening to myself. hahahaha. Very interesting things ,i feel like share with all as i just sitting down with a friend who is 25 years older than me. It was simple conversation that we had about how far according to him i have … [Read more…]


To All, Selamat Hari Raya, Korban … AbangAbu doakan semua yang melakukan korban tahun ini akan diterima korban mereka dan diberi kesempatan untuk berkorban setiap tahun. Salam

Wira Internet

Hi semua, I am very happy and been very very busy for the past week with great things going on. Salah satu i have met a couple singapore malay internet millionaire self made. And Dr Irfan talk show in Malaysia was great with my first product an audio cd will be out soon , … [Read more…]

MAP untuk KAYA

Free Session . 1st Dec 2007 or 3rd Dec 2007 time.: 7.45pm to 9.45pm place: 25 Peck Seah Street #07-01 Civil Service College MRT Tg Pagar exit A. RSVP: 62200701

News: AbangAbu

Hi All , Hope all of you are having great time. Me too been busy recently with many invitations to talk as well conduct workshops. I have been enjoying with all that. My MAP untuk KAYA¬† too resume after fasting month and now 22th class in 8 months.The next free session schedule on the 26th … [Read more…]