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News:Thank You and Congratulations!!!!

September 8th at Pasir Ris Costa Sand Resort NowAsia successfully conducted the second jutawan internet Workshop.

Participants really enjoyed and learn a lot in a day workshop.

The same day we had the networking nite with the previous paricipants and we had now launch the forum for us to interact among kite semua. Daftarlah kat and get forum started and from this discussions AA believe there will be a lot of success stories from participants .

Along the forum kita juga akan memulakan review and support group with an aim of putting all that learnt into practice. Updates will be in our website.

Remember A=Aim B=Belief in the aim C= Courage D=DO IT

Welcome to Abang Abu’s Blog

Apa khabar semua!! welcome anda semua. Semoga semua yang datang akan dapat sesuatu yang boleh add value pada diri anda.

AbangAbu akan bagi tips, articles, also TV AbangAbu akan menayangkan clips and interview entrepreneur yang success so semua boleh dapat belajar dari kejayaan mereka.