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Underdog Internet Entrepreneur

Hi all, Its a great journey for myself in Internet World. I were introduce to this industry few years ago.

I were not really into this because i am not a IT literate and it was like a really scary thing for me. I were new and i don’t really understand on how this can make money.

I thought maybe i should focus on what i have been doing and that was what i did. however there were a small thought in my mind ask me to also get to know about it.

That was when i were introduce to blogging and i start my own blog and only knows to use one or two features . i start writing and try to understand this. My mind were some how asking how to make money by this. That’s is when i become creative . thinking deep and hard to get some idea on selling things online. And i started with an email tips on saving money. Continue reading Underdog Internet Entrepreneur

Menjana Wang di Internet

Sejak kebelakangan ini , banayak seminar dan bengkel menjana Wang di internet sedang berlangsung!!!!

AbangAbu amat tertarik dengan industri ini kerana banyak sekali diperbualkan mengenai menjana wang di internet ini. Tapi malangnya apa yang AbangAbu dengar pula dari ramai orang amat menyedihkan kerana terdapat ramai yang mengaku diri mereka “pakar pakar dan juga selalu membuat iklan iklan dalam akhbar untuk meyakinkan pelanggan ” telah meletakan harga yang amat tinggi dengan menjanjikan mereka akan menjana wang dalam internet.

Malangnya ada yang membayar dengan harapan yang tinggi, bagaimana pun mereka tidak mendapat apa apa hasil sebaliknya mereka digesa untuk sambung dengan menghadiri bengkel lain . Ini adalah sesuatu yang paling salah dari segi pandangan AbangAbu.

AbangAbu sendiri adalah seorang yang ingin belajar banyak tentang ilmu internet ini. Dan apa yang AbangAbu dengar dari pakar pakar ini amat membingungkan kerana tahap yang disampaikan oleh ramai pakar pakar ini seperti kita dah faham benar dengan internet padahal kita tidak faham langsung pun .

AbangAbu pun mula belajar lebih dari internet sendiri dengan mencari ilmu ilmu di internet melalui google search.

Akhirnya setelah hampir 2 tahun mengharapa orang lain menjaga website dan blog sebab AbangAbu tidak tahu sangat menggunakannya. Namun tak ada apa apa hasil kewangan yang dirai pun.

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Money in Internet – Blog

If you have read my previous blog post – About myslef who dont have any knowledge about using internet manage to learn to make money.

It is the basic simple principle that never been told by any internet marketers , infact many of them selling very sophisticated system, expensive seminars and many things that never helped them in understanding on how it works.

As i told you , i want to share my own experience. I engaged a person to do a website when i start to know the important of website. But than i realise it been like an expenses as always have to pay people to update even nothing is produced.

than i start to read and follow some people online and i start to create my own blog , i have to pay someone to set it up for me. And than that person become busy and have no time for me. I have to depend too much dependent on them. I hardly can do anything without their help.

I started to do something on my own, i googled many sites and pick up some lesson from this blogs and website.
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Secret to getting people like you

It is very important making people like you. Even this is not secret to success but i believe it help us to grow and get the support we want.

Recently when i learn something when i were with some popular figures and i noticed that people don’t really come to them even they are very well known. People do approach me and smile at me. What i learn here is that there is some ways in making people to like you.

You must watch yourself always if you are being well mannered.

Here is some questions for you to ask yourself daily…..

1. Do you smile and say “hello” to everyone you meet each day? Even your assistant?

2. Do  you listen attentively when your subordinates speak, even if what they are saying make little or no sense?

3. Do you never raise your voice or lose your temper?

4. Do you say “thank you” every time it’s warranted?

5. Do you criticize people carefully and in private?

6. Do you praise people specifically and in public?

7. Are you careful about your appearance?

8. Do you know the first and last names of all those who report to you?

You practice this and i am very sure you will be liked by all.

How to get Wealthy?

Hi all,

How to get wealthy? Hehehehe. Well the answer that i got for this question when i run my workshops are various.

Do business, marry someone rich, loterry, and many more.

Today i want to share some simple thing that you can do immediately. Keep reading…..

As your career develops, you will face problems and opportunities you haven’t met before. In such cases it will be great if you can get advice from those who have been there before. Dont get a consultant for getting advice but look for a mentor. But how?

Heres how you can do it……

Take a look around your industry. Find successful businesspeople who retired two to five years ago. Why 2 or 5 years because if more than that they might lost touch.

Make a list of 4 to 5 such individuals and than write a nice letter telling them you’ve heard how good they are and asking for their advice.

Dont offer to compensate them. Simply ask for short interview. Take them for a lunch and ask questions. If your personalities click than you will have a permanent mentor.

Remember that in most cases the compensation that this people looking for is psychology and not financial . Continue to tell them how helpful they had been. Make small but meaningful gestures of gratitude.

Dont abuse the relationship.

So my friends, what you waiting for. to get wealthy faster you have to get as many great mentors around you and than you will realise that it is so easy to get wealthy.

pSSSSST.. this secret don’t tell others hehehehe.


Salam Semua,

How are you semua? AbangAbu as usual je. Happy and feelin GREAT.

Ngah rilex after my reading teringat AbangAbu akan AbangAbu nya goals yang wrote down dulu . Than bila AA nengok dah banyak infact 7 goals yang AA wrote down dah jadi pun. Power betul ah.

Kenapa AA nak wrote hari ni pasal goal sebab satu peserta program MAP abang meet AA. Dia gitu happy sebab goal yang dia wrote down masa tu now dah jadi and she just very exicted . Mana nak tak excited sebab  100K lah duit Singapore.AbangAbu tahu akan rahsia tulis goals nie. Ramai masih tak tulis. Bukan tak le but takde power ah. Kalau tulis lagi power.

AbangAbu nak kasi rahsia tulis goal cam mana okie.

1. Tulis goals anda.Tulis, tulis, tulis.

2. Tulis dari dalam goal anda: maksudnya—jangan tulis eg. “saya nak 100,000” tapi tulis begini—“Saya dapat 100,000 dollar singapore pada tarikh 1-11-08”. Kite kena tulis goal kita seperti kita dah dapat.O.K

3. Dah tulis, selalu baca your goals tu. Everyday nengok your goal than baca.

4. Dah baca now kena visualise yang you dah dapat that 100K tadi . Ini sangat penting . You kena ada feeling from within you. Ini very powerful.

So every time you want things that you want to happen fast kat atas tadi akan bantu anda. O.K

AbangAbu ucapkan semoga semua mulalah tulis apa yang nak dicapai.

Semoga semua berjaya.

Workshops everyday for the whole week.

Just feel like writing something about innovation today since this week having a lots of programs related to this topic.

It was all about innovation and i had a very inspiring day and infact i learn so many new things today from the students from Millinea Institue , Had a great time today and i will be having another session tommorow again with the students to complete super innovation projects.

And AbangAbu learnt alot of new things while sharing with them. I come out with one innovative MAGIC that work wonders with the students….. ( hehehe if you want to know do come to my talks and seminars where i might share with you).
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Personal Freedom vs Financial Freedom

Just a thought that comes to my mind after a short skype routine with my mentor in US.

Personal Freedom = Financial Freedom ?       right or wrong?

After some thoughts AbangAbu believes that Personal Freedom > Financial Freedom . Why?

Personal Freedom is being happy , feeling great and full of gratitude. And that has nothing to do with money. Even though having financial freedom will give you personal freedom ,it is not necessarily that you must get financial freedom in order to feel happy.

Feeling happy is a state of mind and nothing to do with money. People don’t really understand this important secret. Happiness attract wealth and money.

So here i would like to share some points and statements for you to feel happy.
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Human touch. Its still the most powerful marketing

Thought this will be useful…. even how power a machine can be the human touch will beat everything….

The Human Connection by My mentor to me.

For years, we’ve been hearing about how bad airline service
is, but I still recall a United employee who impressed me
enough to forgive the company, give them another try, and I
even bought her a small box of candy from the airport gift
shop! What did she do that was so impressive?
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Monday Money: Money Thoughts

Hi , Its monday again. Be excited.

AbangAbu were in a workshop yesterday and it was really good sometime to observe people and you will got so much knowledge , just keeping shut up…. Abangabu just did that…

And AbangAbu want to ask you a questions that i asked myself…..


Is it LUCK because you have not enough? Or a coincidence?

Studies show that financially successful people think differently ( psychology) —- compared to not successful ones.

here you go…
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