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Monday Money:Bijak Belanja

AbangAbu had already 2 post about the products and services that and provides.

Today AbangAbu want to share about another great community project that AbangAbu worked together with MENDAKI . An organization that been appointed to look after the welfare of Malay Muslims in Singapore.

Due the the economic downturn worldwide Singapore had take an effort to make the public understand the consequences of the impact on Singapore and its people. Yayasan Mendaki played a very important role in making our malay community been given the right kind of education about money during these times. This is where AbangAbu have involved in coming out with the module for Bijak Belanja program that been run as many as more than 200 rounds. in the process had benefited more than 6000 members of the community.
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Saving is FUN = FUND

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After the success of SIMPAN Challenge in  Malay . i had many request from non malays to do it in other languages. Nearly 10,000 participants who joined SIMPAN Challenge benefited and managed to save the amount that they never thought can be save before. Click here to join the MALAY Version

And as i already have a group of 200 people from the non malay group had requested this in english , AbangAbu decide to make it available in English. And I will be launching the english version WAYS2SAVE

Why people are not saving or maybe just cant save? AbangAbu have the answer for you. It is because you are not having FUN. Most of did not enjoy saving and that is the reason why we cant save.When you are not having FUN than you will never get the FUND.

WAYS2SAVE are fun ways to save . You will surprised with the amount you will save during the 30 days period. AbangAbu will share with you everyday for the next 30 days that saving can be so fun and you will be excited with the result.

AbangAbu’s aim here is to instill the saving habit and also to prove to you that everyone can have fun in saving.

I want more detail…………….

Membasmi Hutang 200K – Part 4

SIMPAN Challenge NOVEMBER 2009- Join Sekarang

Setelah anda memperkemaskinikan nota hutang anda mengikut kepada siapa dan berapa hutang anda.

Kini anda tahu jumlah keseluruhan serta siapakah orang yang anda harus langsaikan hutang. Minggu ini adalah paling mendebarkan sekali, kerana anda harus berhubungan dengan pemberi hutang anda.

Anda harus menghubungi semua orang yang anda berhutang dan lakarkan satu cara bayaran kepada mereka. Beritahu akan kedudukan anda yang sebenar, walau apa pun janji anda pada ketika anda membuat pinjaman sekarang anda harus bertemu dengan mereka untuk memberitahu akan keadaan anda sekarang serta apa yang anda sedang lakukan untuk membayar balik hutang hutang tersebut.

Anda juga harus memberitahu kepada mereka bahawa anda akan sedaya upaya anda akan menurut pelan yang telah dilakarkan.

Itu sahaja untuk minggu ini, pastikan anda menghubungi semua orang yang anda perlu dalam melaksanakan proses membasmi hutang ini.

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Membasmi Hutang 200ribu-part 3

SIMPAN Challenge NOVEMBER 2009- Join Sekarang

Sudahkah anda memikirkan punca mengapakah anda dalam keadaan hutang ini? Dan sudahkah anda berjanji bahawa anda tidak akan melakukan kesilapan tersebut? PENTING!!!

Ok. sekarang anda harus menulis dengan tepat jumlah anda berhutang secara terperinci.

Contoh bagaimana untuk mulakan

Hutang Total $200,000

Abdul Rahman –  $2800.00

Rosnah – $70,000.00

Bank – $50,000.00

Azli – $40,000.00

dan seterusnya sehingga jumlah ini bersamaan hutang total anda.

Ini amat penting prosesnya. Jadi mulakan untuk menulis minggu ini.

AbangAbu memberikan masa yang panjang untuk anda melakukan proses ini seminggu sekali dan bukan setiap hari adalah kerana proses ini akan memerlukan masa untuk anda menarik nafas lega setelah melakukan setiap proses.

Jika anda ingin benar benar merasakan proses membasmi hutang supaya anda tidak akan berhutang lagi , maka sila ikuti proses ini. Dapatkan juga pelajaran minda kewangan unik dari abangabu.

Semoga semua akan dapat membasmi hutang masing masing dan seterusnya menjalani kehidupan tanpa hutang lagi , insya allah ,

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AbangAbu hari ini ingin membincangkan satu perkara yang sering menjadi topik perbincangan dalam keluarga, masyarakat dan di pelbagai tempat lagi.


Dengar sahaja perkataan itu ramai akan tahu bagaimana emosi sesorang. Kalau anda tidak mempunyai masalah hutang mungkin tidak akan memahami seseorang yang di seliputi hutang yang banyak.

Hutang ini berpunca dari pelbagai sebab. Yang penting tak kira dari apa perkara sekali pun hutang tadi menimpa anda , anda harus kini menyedari akan puncanya dan berhenti dari melakukan perkara tersebut.

Ini dinamakan kesedaran,Jangan risau bagaimana anda akan melunaskan hutang tadi tetapi pertama terima kenyataan yang anda mempunyai hutang yang teruk. Kini cari punca mengapakah hutang ini terjadi. Buat perjanjian pada diri anda yang anda tidak akan lagi membuat perkara tadi.

Misalanya, mingkin hutang itu berpunca dari kesilapan anda berbelanja, mungkin dari kesilapan pelaburan , atau dari segi lain seperti menjadi gerantor atau memulakan perniagaan.

Hari ini anda perlu hanya mencari punca dan membuat perjanjian bahawa anda tidak akan melakukan kesilapan itu sekali lagi.

Apakah yang anda akan lakukan jika hutang sebanyak $200 ribu harus diselesaikan dalam masa 3 bulan?

AbangAbu akan memberikan langkah langkah yang harus dilakukan disini serta pengalaman AbangAbu sendiri dan AbangAbu ingin anda semua juga memberikan pendapat anda supaya ini akan membantu ramai yang dalam kelimut hutang.

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Bengkel MAP untuk KAYA November

Monday Money: On $11 an hour, Jersey man made millions

$IMPAN Challenge Tip Discusion and Updates and views………

AbangAbu thought this is an interesting story to let us know even you are earning very little it is still possible to become a multi millionaire.

Read it and feel GREAT and inspire your self…….. Take RESPONSIBILITY……

Paul Navone is one of those quiet millionaires next door. His friends had no idea he had money until he started giving it away — $1 million to a college and another $1 million to a prep school. The 78-year-old retiree never made more than $11 an hour while working in the New Jersey mills, according to a story by Joe Logan in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and to this day Navone buys his clothing at thrift stores, and doesn’t have a TV or a phone.

Navone, the son of Italian immigrants, quit school and went to work at age 16. He lived at home and saved. After two years in the Army, he bought the first of several rental properties. He lived off that income, saved his wages and turned to investing, the Inquirer story says. “Paul has always been the perfect client. He gave me money and never took it out,” said broker R. Douglas Smithson, senior vice president for investments at Wachovia Securities in Vineland. “He took my advice, he stuck to a plan, and he reaped the benefits of it.”

Navone, who lives in a small house in Millville, said, “My motto back then without realizing it — and it is now — is that I’ll work for the money, and then I want the money to work for me.”

What learning can you get from this story……. Comment please

Weekly Cash Challenge: 5 people win consolation cash prizes

Announcing the answer for the SPIN – and the winners. AbangAbu’s team selected 5 consolation price winners as no correct answers. So AbangAbu as promised have to close this week challenge and announce winners. The winners are:





5- Md Rosli

All winners will be given cash $10 plus the kompas wang workbook worth $29.90. Winners please contact AbangAbu’s team by email to on collecting the prizes. And next challenge will offer $350.

2) Acronym Answers

S= Spend Less than You Earn

P = PAY In CASH for purchases

I = Invest in regular basis with good ROI

N =Need to evaluate the progress.

This week challenge cash sponsored by Ahshik The Boss and MAP2BRICH

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Hi all,

How are things ? AbangAbu is feeling GREAT as usual.

Lately AbangAbu been having busy schedule and yes extremely busy. I want to just share something like very intresting happen again when you write what you want and looked at it everyday.

I had a goalfor JUNE to achieve an amount of $ from the business that i am involved. I started to write at the begining of the month that is 1st June and put it just in front of my desk. Everytime i am there i will be looking at it. And i will feel good when i looked at it and believe that i am making it.

sign autograph... macam artis plak
sign autograph... macam artis plak

Around 23rd i evaluate back and see if i am already getting my goal or am i far so that i can do something to getting my goal. It was like just reach 40% of what abangabu set for. Suddenly i started to focus again on the figure that i wrote down and started to look at it again and again and every time. I wrote it in bigger font so that it will be clearly seen.

The week past , and guess what, i recieved a call for an organization that put in a order . That order bring my percentage to 90% and just need 10% percent to get my goal. And on the 28 th JUNE . I reached the goal that i set for that month.

It was a great expirience for me and now i m increasing my target for the month of JULY.

AbangAbu feel like sharing these with all of you . Write down your goal and look at it everyday with power and make your subconcious mind read it as well. That is the power . When your subconcious brain get the message than you are there already.

At the same time be realistic with what you write down. Dont be to high atthe same time dont be too low that you will take things easy.

To empower your brain and heart do download my e book and get the A.B.U method working for you too. A.B.U method been used by many successful people on earth like Anthony robbins, Bill Gates , Donald trump

Monday Money;Weekly Cash Challenge (WCC) SGD300 to be won.

Salam , the winners of last challenge please email me and arrange to get the cash asap.

This week the cash challenge is at $300 .

For this week challenge ,

4 Steps to be winner in weekly cash challenge:

1) download free e book ABU success Method from

2) Write your answers for the week in the comment box.

3) Visit daily as the tips and hints for the challenge might be there .

4) Do write your answers under comment box .

Note: Those who have not download the ebook are not eligible to win the cash, The system will only recognizes the emails that already download the ebook list.


WRITE A SONG LYRIC ABOUT MONEY> it can be in malay or english.

It must be original.

This week prize sponsor is MAKMUR RESTAURANT and MAP2BRICH.