Money in Internet – Blog

If you have read my previous blog post – About myslef who dont have any knowledge about using internet manage to learn to make money. It is the basic simple principle that never been told by any internet marketers , infact many of them selling very sophisticated system, expensive seminars and many things that never helped … [Read more…]


Salam Semua, How are you semua? AbangAbu as usual je. Happy and feelin GREAT. Ngah rilex after my reading teringat AbangAbu akan AbangAbu nya goals yang wrote down dulu . Than bila AA nengok dah banyak infact 7 goals yang AA wrote down dah jadi pun. Power betul ah. Kenapa AA nak wrote hari ni … [Read more…]

Monday Money: Money Thoughts

Hi , Its monday again. Be excited. AbangAbu were in a workshop yesterday and it was really good sometime to observe people and you will got so much knowledge , just keeping shut up…. Abangabu just did that… And AbangAbu want to ask you a questions that i asked myself….. HOW DO YOU THINK ABOUT … [Read more…]

Monday Money:Bijak Belanja

AbangAbu had already 2 post about the products and services that and provides. Today AbangAbu want to share about another great community project that AbangAbu worked together with MENDAKI . An organization that been appointed to look after the welfare of Malay Muslims in Singapore. Due the the economic downturn worldwide Singapore had … [Read more…]

Saving is FUN = FUND

Dear Brothers and Sisters, After the success of SIMPAN Challenge in  Malay . i had many request from non malays to do it in other languages. Nearly 10,000 participants who joined SIMPAN Challenge benefited and managed to save the amount that they never thought can be save before. Click here to join the MALAY Version … [Read more…]