Why am I not having enough money that the gurus promise me, even though I keep investing in their investments, following their real estate advice and investing in the stocks they recommend?

These gurus and “‘experts” know something you do not.
And it is NOT in their interest to tell you the truth!

As long as you trust them and carry on doing what they tell you to do, you’re helpless - they will exploit your ignorance and keep on making money out of you,
year in and year out!

They make money by doing the opposite of what they’re telling you to do!

They’re not making their money by buying into what they tell you to invest in. They make their money by SELLING you their products, services or ideas. And the truth is that these products are guaranteed to give them (not you!) the best income or commission. So its you that needs to be educated on how to find the most suitable product and investment. Any product, business or investment that is structured to make them rich is structured to keep you poor.

It is as simple as that.

Here's the real shocker: many so-called "gurus" work to keep this fact from you, because if they told you the truth, they'd have nothing more to sell you.

So if you're investing in any of these “blue-chip”, “fail-safe”, “rock-solid”, “hot” investments and  you are still not wealthy, you can stop beating yourself up.


It’s Not Your Fault!

That’s the truth.

You see... many of these "gurus" or “experts have a vested interest in keeping you away from the truth, which is:  you do not need to have money to make money!
They don’t want you to be informed because then you see the weakness of their products. As a result, they will not give you the Formula that says you do not need to take ANY risks in order to make millions.
Neither will they will tell you the only way to become rich is very simple: you just need to LOWER YOUR RISK in order to get a HIGHER GROWTH on your investment.They would NEVER give you the blueprint for riches because that would put them out of business.

Just imagine this scenario:

... If you knew to how to invest less than $1 and turn it into more than $1,000,000 in less than two years by following the Money Magnet formula in my MAP 2 b RICH e-coaching – and you could do all this with next to no risk ...would you still invest in mutual funds, stocks, policies or 401k plans?

... If you knew how to do this over and over again, in any market conditions, without ever taking risks, would you still invest your money with the financial institutions?

I am sure you know the answer to these questions -  “Of course not!” It would not make sense. 

And this logic is what the experts work so hard to prevent you from seeing, by intimidating you with their expertise, showing you fancy graphs and projections, and making sure you realize how “dangerous” it is to do it on your own.

They’re right, it IS dangerous for you to start thinking for yourself financially ... dangerous for THEM, that is!If everyone knew the M.A.P 2 b RICH and as a result they stopped investing in any of the conventional products – how would the people and organizations who make their money out of you survive?

The answer is they wouldn’t, and that is why they spend billions on advertisements and placing “news articles” and “personal finance advice columns” into newspapers and magazines to condition us to believe their lies. They’re protecting their income and profits, that’s all.

Lies like

  • trust the experts, but don’t trust yourself
  • don’t take responsibility – you’ll only get it wrong
  • you need money to make money – that’s obvious
  • it is difficult to make money – so leave it to the people who know how
  • you must take chances if you want to become rich – that means risking a lot of money
  • you must be an entrepreneur if you want to succeed in business – you must be prepared to take big risks
  • you need specialized training to understand money –it’s complicated – so never make the mistake of trying to do it on your own

… and the list goes on and on

Now let’s assume for a minute that all of this is the truth and that we do need these gurus and experts to invest our money, because they KNOW how to make money ... why is it that by far the majority of these experts are not rich themselves?

It’s true that they can make a lot of money – as long as they work hard every day for their money – but very few of them can maintain their standard of living without needing to work continuously.

Is there a blueprint or proven formula you can apply to make money?

Yes, but you won’t find it where there’s money to be made out of your ignorance!

There is a blueprint and anyone can apply it as long as they
want to learn to make money.
This blueprint is called the MAP 2 B RICH e-coaching.

Once you find this recipe, and follow it – you will never let go of the power of freedom the MAP 2 B RICH will give you.

Lots of money.
This blueprint works so well that  you will continue to use it over and over again, month after month, year after year.
And the great thing is ...

The blueprint ALWAYS works.
How do I know?

I discovered this blueprint myself many, many years ago.

 Let me tell you my story… and show you how it can help you solve your money worries without taking any risk.
My name is Abang Abu. I’m 34 years old. I use MAP 2 B RICH formula when I was financially broke at the age of 22 when I had 4 siblings to look after my parents died in an accident .
This approach has made me, and kept me, a wealthy man.
The MAP 2 B RICH Formula is my BLUEPRINT for financial success no matter what cycle the economy is in. I’ve made money in slumps and booms. It makes no difference.
The formula is simple, as I’ve mentioned, and even a child can understand it. In fact, I first applied the formula at the age of 22. I applied them to create the wealth that I wanted.

It was easy!

The problem came later when education and conditioning persuaded me that it couldn’t be simple and easy – it must be complicated and difficult. And because I listened to this nonsense, I lost my childhood trust in my own instincts, and I lost the formula. Instead I relied, like everybody, on the “experts”.

That was the point at which, no matter how hard I worked, life became a struggle.
I continued to follow the path of the experts as I attempted to fix the problem. I qualified as a Financial Planner and studied more and more. But the more qualifications and accolades I gathered, the more difficult making money became.

 In trying to escape the rat race, I was getting stuck deeper and deeper in the trap.
In 1998 the light went on. I realized that I was in the same boat as the masses of people who have all the “right” qualifications and work extremely hard for 40 to 45 years ...  and yet retire in financial hardship.
I realized that, like them, I was conditioned to believe what the experts and the financial institutions say  – that the way to get rich is to put your money with them.

Whereas the truth is that by doing so,
you transfer your wealth from yourself to them!

And this moment of truth was also a moment of awakening. I went on to find the real road to riches, and also to explore why so few people know the truth.

 Finding out why most people do not get rich ... and realizing that I WAS ONE OF THEM! ... was one of the biggest turning points of my life.

But this discovery was absolutely dwarfed by what I discovered as I continued to explore over the next few years! What I found out about the financial industry and financial planning was nothing less than a revelation!

In my e-coaching MAP 2 B RICH – the difference between rich and poor”  I tell  you what NO broker, NO agent, NO financial institution will EVER tell you: the truth about making money, and why their products will NEVER work for you. 

This information is so powerful that the financial institutions make sure no-one knows it – not even their own financial planners and consultants.

The moment you understand what I discovered by accident you will know why it is so difficult to become rich if you do what everybody else does, and why making money seems to be such a battle to most people.

But most importantly you will understand for the first time why the financial institutions spend billions of dollars to deliberately mislead us. Their survival depends on misleading the masses!

For a while after this insight, I continued to make a living selling financial products. I knew what the institutions were doing, but at that stage I did not have a better option. I knew I had stumbled on a huge, global truth with massive implications for the millions of ordinary people who put their trust in the “blue chip” financial institutions
But I was still part of the system. It was all I knew, and it still made me a lot of money, fast. And it was easy money (at least in those days).

If a client invested $100,000 you would get up to $8,000 - sometimes for less than an hour’s work. If a person took out a life policy at a cost of say $500 per month, the broker would get approximately $4,845 upfront commission plus an additional $1,450 the second year.

This is an example of another kind of trap: when you start making a lot of money you face a new kind of problem – you buy a better car, a nicer house, and then you have to keep earning that money or you’re in trouble.

I made a lot of money but I was working for my money. This means I was the slave of money. I was not free. The only way I could see myself becoming financially free was if I could find a way to make my money work for me instead of working for my income.

I understood how conventional investments work and I was not prepared to invest my money in those policies, retirement products, and other “investments”  because I knew the risk was extremely high and the return on the investment was extremely poor.

Then I found the perfect short term solution and it was so obvious I could have kicked myself for not seeing it before, as you will discover in my e-coaching. To digress for a moment, have you noticed how often we miss what is right under our noses? This is because we are conditioned not to think for ourselves when someone else’s profits depend on it! (There’s a story behind that too – it’s called advertising and public relations – but this is not the place to go into it in detail!)

I always knew I wanted to be rich so I started investigating what millionaires did to make their money. I assumed at that stage that they must be taking big risks (remember the “truths” we never question? Like, “no risk, no reward” ... “You must have money to make money”). I did not want to take big risks. So it seemed I was not going to get their results.

Then I looked into it deeper. It’s always worth doing this! In my case I actually asked rich people to tell me their stories. And one day, my richest client told me his life story and I made a discovery that would change my life.

What I discovered was amazing:
Millionaires were NOT doing what I thought they were doing.

They were NOT…

  • taking any risk…
  • getting rich by investing with financial institutions ….
  • following the advice of the experts ….
  • getting mediocre returns of less than 50% on their investments…
  •  taking chances at all – although in the beginning it might look like it.

In short, millionaires were not doing what I was told was the right thing when it came to investing.They were doing something completely different.
All of the money-making ‘success stories’ I studied were a result of following a simple “recipe” or formula for making money that was never deviated  from.
Every day, day after day, they simply kept following their “recipe”.

And every day, they were making more money, and the more money they made,  the harder their money was working for them
I was shocked and a little angry when I found out what they were doing.

I’d been doing what I was taught to do - what all the financial and educational institutions led me to believe was the only way to get rich…

In good faith, I had followed their advice. Only to find out, years later, that slavishly following their rules made them rich and kept me poor. So much for the independence of universities! So much for conventional education!

I’d been doing what I had been TOLD would make me rich…
and it was a downright lie!

When I distanced myself from all my education
I found that I had been doing it all wrong.
I had been doing the OPPOSITE of what was making a small handful of other people incredibly wealthy! I was working for their profits! Giving up my dream of financial freedom and staying enslaved to a job so that they could make massive amounts of money out of MY stolen future!

So when you start realizing the truth, the first thing that happens is you see that the truth is to be found in the opposite direction to the way most people are going.  Now let me tell you, the moment you start doing the opposite to what everyone else is doing you will start doubting yourself and you will find the majority of people telling you that you have lost it! BUT, in spite of all this, the truth cannot be ignored forever, and …
this was the “AH-HA” experience

I had been waiting so many years for!
What happened next?

Well, I did the right thing and ignored the criticism and the self doubt. And I developed my “recipe” for success. In 1995 I bought my first commercial property. This property cost me nothing. I got it for free. I could not believe how simple the recipe for riches was!

I was so overwhelmed by my discovery that I spent many hours trying to figure out what I was missing. This was simply too good to be true.
Somewhere there had to be a catch.

The more I tried to convince myself that I was missing something, the more I realized that I had indeed discovered a blueprint for making money.

I was even more amazed when I studied other successful people like Warren Buffet, Anton Rupert, Richard Branson and Bill Gates. They were all following the same blueprint.

I often get asked this question! Most people are so stressed and so short of time they cannot imagine that, if you had the choice, you would ever choose to do ANYTHING ever again!

I understand! I’ve been there, working the 14 hour days, never seeing my family, running faster and faster on a treadmill, yet feeling I was starting to slip behind!

If you feel this way too, I have really good news for you! You can be free of this stress much sooner than you think! And when that happens, you will be able to get your head around the idea that if you had all the time in the world, you might actually want to DO something with it!

You too can have your fill of doing nothing! For as long as you want and need to!

I had a need to help people create wealth and escape wage and debt slavery. I had a need to learn and grow as a person. I needed to set new challenges because I love a challenge!

So I decided to combine these needs with my MAP 2 B RICH program and make a new business out of helping willing people find out the truth about how to become wealthy!
I started a new business, in a new industry, with no clients, in a new location. I applied the blueprint. I invested NO money and earned more than $175,000 in the first year. AND I was helping transform the lives of thousands of people!

The blueprint not only works when you start a business but also when you invest money.

I know what you are thinking: “It’s not possible. There must be a catch.”. And the truth is – THERE IS A CATCH! This is not possible ... unless you apply the MAP 2 B RICH Formula.

In my e coaching – “The MAP 2 B RICH Formula ” I give you the exact blueprint I applied to do this.

A common reaction is to say “Okay, YOU can do it. But not me”.

Let me assure you, I am not alone ...

If you take a close read of the biographies or autobiographies of people like Warren Buffet, Anton Rupert (who founded the global Rembrandt Group on a $100 loan from a friend), Bill Gates, Richard Branson, or any other high profile mega-money maker,  you’re going to see that these “tycoons” all have something in common.

And I’m not talking about the “charisma”, “gut instinct”, “vision”, “talent” or other exceptional quality the media will always highlight. – the kind of qualities that distance us from believing we can do it too!  No. I’m talking about the way they make their money – their “recipe”. It’s not rocket science. It’s not talent. It’s not even brainpower.

Very simply, they know how to reduce risk to nearly zero, and magnify growth to 10 000%, 100 000%, 1 million%, and more!  And that is why they came from nowhere and made (and kept!) a fortune.

In other words, you can apply the MAP 2 B RICH formula to their life histories and you will find that, knowingly or unknowingly, they follow the same principles, whether or not they’ve ever even heard of it!

I know you may be thinking....Yes but the MAP 2 B RICH Formula will only work for the super rich so .... just to put your mind at ease ....

This leads me to my next point

 Now it's absolutely crucial you  understand this one major thing:
None of these people were born with the blueprint.


They each had to discover it.
Many didn't even know a "blueprint" EXISTED! In fact most rich people can’t even explain HOW the blueprint works and WHY it works.

The only thing they do know is that it does work!

The method each of these people used to make MILLIONS was NOT taught to them by their parents... teachers... college professors... friends... or family members.  It was not taught to them by a guru ... an expert ... a special guide.

Each of these people - and many more – had to DISCOVER it for themselves!Let me tell you a little more about this “blueprint”:

It’s not magic.
All of the Wealth Creators I am referring to – the millionaires you look up to - are just normal, average people.

They’re honestly no different to you.

I know the media likes to portray them as having some kind of mystique, some kind of amazing talent or gift, but that’s just one of the many ways the media misleads you when it comes to what’s in your best interests.

Actually, if you had the chance to meet and get to know them, you’d find out that they have more in common with you than you think ...

Similar backgrounds to you. Similar challenges they had to overcome. Similar roadblocks that got in the way.

So what’s the difference?
Here’s the difference: they don’t do what everyone else is doing.

They don’t do what the millions of people who want to make more money are doing.
They get different results, because they do something different.

What do they do? They follow a simple, step-by-step blueprint that continues to make them money…year after year… without fail.
Why else are they impervious to the ups-and-downs of the stock market… the economy… gas prices… etc. – while most of the rest of the world struggles when times get bad?

Because this blueprint works in good times and bad.
The blueprint has been proven – and continues to work, no matter what. So: it’s a simple formula; applied by people who are similar to you.

Does this mean that you can make money?

Absolutely. But here’s the key:
Stop acting like an ‘opportunity seeker’, buying up the “next big thing” and chasing the dream of getting rich. That’s how most people think it works and that’s why they’ll never be rich. It’s nothing more than gambling, and risk has no place in the formula!

Start acting like a Wealth Creator who is making millions right now.
You have to follow a simple blueprint – that continues to make you money, month after month.

So the key is to get – and use – this same blueprint.
 Here’s where I come in...
You can discover the blueprint yourself by spending many hours and millions of dollars on it, or ...

Since I already have the key ...

You can get it from me! The same blueprint that helps me make over $1 million dollars a year, working for myself...


I share the blueprint in my e-coaching “The MAP 2 B RICH formula – the difference between rich and poor” I am doing this coaching with only one thing on my mind. To let as many people know what the blueprint is and how simple it is to apply it.

I use e coaching to educate people on how to use the blueprint in a practical way.

The information in the e-coaching is worth millions BUT because it is in a e-coaching for 1 year with 4 emails in a week format I am going to charge just $97.00 for it for this promotional period of 2 weeks and after that will go back to the $197.00 price.

The e-coaching format is costing me less than $3.00 per coaching version has cost me in total $228.40 out of my own pocket for the setup of the website and the e-commerce engine.

As I am writing this ad, I know that I am not “supposed” to tell you about my strategy or profits. The experts say you should never let on that people are reading an advert. I disagree. I think people need to know these things and prefer to be treated as adults, not condescended to.
They (the experts) also say you should not tell people how much profit you are making. Again I feel it is only fair if you know what I am making so that once you have the blueprint you can go out and do the same.

You will discover that making 10,000% and even 1,000.000% growth is easy once you know the secret. You will also find that most people, following the advice of the “experts”, exaggerate what they have to offer, and don’t really follow through.

That’s where I differ. My e-coaching really contains my secrets. As does this advert. Which I am honest about telling you is an advert. Sharp-eyed people will distinguish between the usual sales techniques that are so lacking in respect for people’s intelligence and independent thinking, and the real thing, which is what you are reading now.I’m giving away my secrets (yes, I know I charge you money, but it is a fraction of the value of what I give you in return) because I truly want to expose the lies and help people find financial freedom.
I charge because otherwise people do not believe it’s worth anything.

And yet I know that many people will still not “get it”. They’re too conditioned to look for get-rich-quick schemes to see what’s under their very noses. Because apart from paying the $97.00 there’s one other thing you need to do to get the kind of growth and freedom I’m talking about: you need to open your eyes and your mind and really think about what you’ve been told in the past and whether it works.

Are you prepared to open your mind? Can you see what you’re up against if you don’t? What it has already cost you? If so, please read on ...


The e-coaching will take 1 year with 120 days of action based emails and I am going to advertise my other businesses in it.

But I will devote less than 30 pages in total to this.

Why am I doing this?

You see, although you will get the total blueprint in the e coaching you will need to know that all the rich people we are talking about use systems. I developed several of these systems to help myself and others to overcome the ceiling of complexity and I want to tell you what they are.

Now, it may be easy to get millions of percentage growth on your investment if you start off with a low basic investment, but you will find out that the more money you make, the more difficult it is going to be to maintain the growth and to safeguard what you have already made.

In fact, you will discover that because of the ceiling of complexity, the more money you make, the more difficult it becomes to make your money work for you.

Let me give you an example. I started this “business” with $228.40. I made more than $12,968  in less than two months. This is a 1,000% growth on my investment in less than two months.

So it is not difficult at this level. BUT if Warren Buffet wants to get a lousy 18% growth on let’s say $50,000,000,000 it means he must grow his business by $9,000,000,000 a year.  This takes a lot more effort and it is very difficult unless you have systems in place to help you maintain your growth.

Anticipating this, I have built systems to help myself maintain a high growth. After it stops being quite so easy!

So the advertising in the e coaching is to tell you what is available and how it can help you – that is, if you want to use these systems - otherwise just skip the section if you are not interested. Hope this is fine with you.


This is just one e-coaching – it is impossible to put 20 years of experience and systems into it. The e-coaching gives you the blueprint and the new way of looking at wealth which will break through a lot of major barriers for you, if you let it ... but it is just the beginning.

My educational courses and systems expand on the blueprint you will learn. What the book does is condense much of what I have learned, saving you a lot of time and “school fees” in the process.


I live in Singapore. So I will price my products competitively and in SGD dollars.

The principles and the blueprint stay the same. They apply anywhere in the world. Details such as legislation and tax may differ but the recipe is the same wherever you are. I know my students are interested in results and the MAP 2 B RICH Formula is truly an International blueprint for making money

So now you know the catches all I can add is

The MAP 2 B RICH Formula is a ticket to real,

honest financial freedom.

As honest as I have been in this advert.

I hope you can tell that I am serious, and above all, sincere.
I hope you can see the difference.
And let me make this clear:

I didn’t make this money with any of the money-making “opportunities” that kept promising me “overnight riches”.
I made this money… and continue making this money… by following my blueprint.

It worked 10 years ago, it works today, and I have no doubt that it’ll work 10 years from today.

So what should you do now?

Like I said before, the first step is to STOP buying “get-rich-quick” stuff.

It doesn’t work. If it did, you’d already be rich and you wouldn’t be reading this.

Secondly, you need to START realizing that there is a simple recipe for making money.

It will take you some time. It will require  some energy. But I guarantee you that if you’ll invest the time and energy, the rewards can be huge.
I know my blueprint has worked for me.
I know it has worked for other people.

And I know it can work for you.

But only you know whether you’re ready to get, and use, the blueprint.

 If you are ready, here’s what you’ll get:
My e coaching “The MAP 2 B RICH Formula – the difference between rich and poor” in electronic format.

Although there are 120 , four pages are all about me, my CV and some of the things I’ve achieved through applying the blueprint in my own life.

I repeat the blueprint at least five times. Each and every time with a different nuance and application. I honestly believe the more we repeat a process, the easier it becomes. Also if you feel that I do repeat the process too much it may just be a good thing because this is normally a sign that you are internalizing the material.

"How much money could this information make me?"

Here's the honest answer: that depends on you.

How much you make is determined by how much effort you decide to put into this.

The "how much" is determined by you.

But the blueprint gives you the ability to make that decision.

It's the "key" to freedom. Financial freedom.

The freedom to choose how much money you can make - instead of letting a boss or company or financial institution decide that for you.

What's your potential?

Again, I don't know.

Maybe $500 in extra cash a month. That's only $6,000 a year. Maybe $5,000 a month.

Or maybe $50,000 to $100,000 a month or more.

Why am I being so straight with you?

  1. Because I am tired of being hoodwinked and I think you are too.
  2. Because I have some respect.
  3. Because I am not interested in making a fast buck – I don’t need the money!
  4. Remember, I came out of retirement voluntarily, because I wanted to make a difference!
  5. Because I know that the MAP 2 B RICH Formula (and all the other systems and breakthroughs I may be unique in genuinely being prepared to share with you) only work if you really want them! So I want you to be able to make a fully informed choice!

The truth is that if you use the information in the e coaching consistently, you will make money. It's simply unavoidable.

I’m not handing you a bag of cash. That teaches you nothing. What I’m offering requires you to meet me halfway. By applying some effort, and mostly, being prepared to relook some of your assumptions about life and money.

 If you are willing to do this, what I’m offering you… my “blueprint”… that has made me many, many millions – can do the same for you.

The information in the e coaching is a hundred time more valuable than what you are going to pay for it.

Nevertheless, that’s not all you get! The Cost of attending the MAP untuk KAYA workshop is $369.00  The information in the MAP untuk KAYA workshop Is worth at least a hundred time more than what you are going to pay for it.

Nevertheless, that’s not all you will get if you confirm your slot right now!

The first 150 people who book their e coaching slot will also receive the following "MUST-HAVE" additional bonuses: (WARNING if you see this offering you will know that the bonuses are still available – but they may be gone if you return later)

FREE Bonus 1: Simple Budget Planner Software worth $199.

This is a real handy tool to see where you are saving our hard earned income and if it is going to help you to become financially free and do the things you love. Value $269

The Total Value of the bonuses adds up to $653.90.

You can get all of this for the insane price of $97.00 if you Register NOW
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You deserve to have the best life, so now it is time to take action - and learn to manage the smart way!

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