Blessed Friday-M & M Success Tip #7 : Solitude

Dear awesome readers of the world,

Past few days, my mind has been congested. I had no chance of emptying its contents neither do I have a chance to express it out. I was busy managing my time, my life. I did not realised that I need a time-out!

My mind cannot take in anymore data. It suddenly froze. And I cannot even write a single word for weeks. Call it writer’s block whatever. It just won’t budge. Not only towards writing but towards everything else. It’s like, the mind put up a sign-saying “Gone for fishing”.

Today, I had a chance to have a “therapeutic” walk. I lived in the city centre and so when night falls, it’s like a ghost town. I love that environment. Suddenly, the bustling city seems to whisper its own sleepy tune. I watched the extravagant colourful street lightings blinking from a distance, in celebration of a soon-to-be festive season.

This home town aka “happy” town has its solitude moments. Although in it lies a 24hour shopping centre , restaurants and night life, there are specific hours that one can get a sneak peak at its peaceful serenity. Its solitude.

I inhaled the fresh air and I realised something.

The  best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in  turmoil.“-Thomas  A. Edison

SOLITUDE is very important. To have a balanced life in MARRIAGE and MONEY, one needs solitude.

When my world gets too hyped-up, I need solitude.

And how do you gain solitude?

The modern world now knew meditation as one way of gaining peace into one’s life.

Islam itself is complete. Our meditation are prayers, Quran recitation and dhikr.

But what I want to emphasize are not the tools but the time.

As much as I love the serenity of the city centre during the last quarter of the night, that too is one of the most important time for the soul.

Successful people will wake up earlier than everybody else. And Islam encourages us to solat tahajjud in that period of time as well.

I learnt that the last quarter of the night is very important when I was doing hajj in 2011. Although in hifz class, we were encouraged to do tahajjud prayers daily (if not, weekly)..but in hajj, we were “trained” to do the tahajjud in groups. And it became a habit.

Of course, the hassle of getting up and getting ready was there but the end product was that, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace that no words can ever described.

It’s a time, where one spends with oneself and the Creator. To speak to the Almighty from the heart.

When your life, your mind or your heart is chaotic…. seek solitude.

Try it.

Hope that helps!

And have a blessed Friday!


Happy Regards,

Lina Masrina.

(CEO & Founder of World Halal Success)

p.s: Do write in your heartfelt comments be it good or bad. I embrace all colorful comments very well, because I believe in order to succeed,we have to constantly improve ourselves. And who else can give us sincere feedback for improvement, right? YOU…of course , the fabulous raving fans. Together we can make this.. be a wonderful journey of success for you and I , success in life and hereafter, insya-Allah amin..

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Abang Abu for this amazing opportunity!

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