Blessed Friday-Money and Marriage Success tip #13 I am responsible

Good morning, awesome people of the world…
Today’s tip on money and marriage is: I am RESPONSIBLE.

Shout it out loud and clear.

The world is what you make out of it.For everything that we do, we are responsible for it.

I’m still on a roadtrip. Abundance scenery, gorgeous people, wonderful and fantabulous lessons learnt.

The fact that I’m also bus hopping thruout the states, makes me more starry-eyed groggy but more adaptable to changes.(I just learnt that in Malaysia, one cannot be too sure that they will travel in the same bus thruout even though they paid for that brand they felt happy with)

Fr both money and marriage , we are all responsible for it.For the choices we make daily, for the outcomes of it, for the lessons learnt, for the pain and pleasures that came out of it….etc.

Embrace that.There are no MISTAKES but LESSONS.

Do not justify, lay blame, create excuses…if you must point a finger, point it at yourself.

No one, not even our parents are to be blamed for the life we chose now. We are RESPONSIBLE. Claim that responsibility like a great leader and manouever it well.

I do wish to lengthen this “conversation” but as mentioned, this is hot from oven… inspired by my never ending travels…and the wonderful inspiring teachers I met thruout my unpredictable journey.

I am thankful.

– Lina Masrina

May your life be blessed.
Be happy in everything you do.
Love,live, laugh,

Lina Masrina ,
the World Halal Traveller ™
(I have travelled to 36 countries.If I can do it, you can do better!)

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