Monday Money: Money Thoughts

Hi , Its monday again. Be excited.

AbangAbu were in a workshop yesterday and it was really good sometime to observe people and you will got so much knowledge , just keeping shut up…. Abangabu just did that…

And AbangAbu want to ask you a questions that i asked myself…..


Is it LUCK because you have not enough? Or a coincidence?

Studies show that financially successful people think differently ( psychology) —- compared to not successful ones.

here you go…

1) 80% or more of financial success is psychology and only 20% or less is “how to ” knowledge. Our mindset is very important and determines our thoughts and actions about money. If you believe you cant get out of debt , you wont . If you think you can , you will get out of debt.

A great lesson for many to learn and apply……….

2)You deserve to be rich ,full prosperity and abundance of wealth. Do you know we all are born to be happy and wealthy..

This might be difficult to believe for some of you but it is the fundamental truth……

3) Financial success is possible for you too. Just imagine you have enough money to enjoy a happy life. out of debt forever. No more worries about paying bills and debts. Never have to work unless you want to.

How would that make you feel? Just keep that feeling with you always.

4) Learn from those who made it. Dont find your financial success way by trial and error. It takes time , energy and might make you worry and depressive. Be smart and use the experiences and strategies of those who made it. Learn it and utilize it in controlling your financial life!

5) Use money as a tool to solve a problem. What is money means to you?  For some its the source of all problems and for some it is the key to solve our problems. Realize that money is just a tool . Free yourself and use money as a tool , in stead of the money using you!!!!!

These are some thoughts for you to think and apply….. in your journey to be financially successful.

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