Monday Money:Bijak Belanja

AbangAbu had already 2 post about the products and services that and provides.

Today AbangAbu want to share about another great community project that AbangAbu worked together with MENDAKI . An organization that been appointed to look after the welfare of Malay Muslims in Singapore.

Due the the economic downturn worldwide Singapore had take an effort to make the public understand the consequences of the impact on Singapore and its people. Yayasan Mendaki played a very important role in making our malay community been given the right kind of education about money during these times. This is where AbangAbu have involved in coming out with the module for Bijak Belanja program that been run as many as more than 200 rounds. in the process had benefited more than 6000 members of the community.

This program had impacted many families and those who attended. And one proud moment is that this Bijak Belanja Program been mentioned by Singapore Prime Minister Mr Lee during his national day rally speech 2009.

And in 2010 , the Bijak Belanja will be still be conducted as there is many request from the public. For those who are interested in attending the program do visit Mendaki or call mendaki.(

Kompas Wang workbook  been useful product that had made many families seen changes after using it. For those hwo are interested to get a copy do click here. KOMPAS WANG workbook

It been created as a workbook to be use for one year. And there are 7 steps on using the book. It is a daily journal kind of book with many action and updates to be done regulargy and in some case daily.

So far more than 2000 books been sold only in Singapore.

Do join the Fun2Save campaign to learn to save better and in a fun way.

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