Monday Money:Weekly Cash Challenge $100

MAP untuk KAYA sesi percuma 06/04/09  and 08/04/09  and 10/04/09

Hello again, brothers and sisters. Monday Money is a day AbangAbu choose to give cash away for winners. So keep participating in WEEKLY CASH CHALLENGE proudly brought to you by MAP2BRICH and  THE BOSS

There will be cash giving day to the winner Md Haidar this week insya allah as he was busy recently. Will post the photo of it soon before announcing the next challenge.

Last week challenge was so pale as no much participation on it. So AbangAbu decide to give the cash to 2 winners who was the 2 entries. As a  tip , those who already on the MAP2BRICH e coaching will really have lots of chances to win cash regularly. So click here and get very special offer

The winners will share the $100 cash. So the winners are.

Both the answers were accepted by the sponsors  MAP2BRICH and Ahshik


1. Mohamad Khairuddin

2. Irah

Please email me both winners for cash collection dates and place.

The rest please get ready for wednesday the next weekly cash challenge , get MAP2BRICH coaching online asap.

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